Decibel blows up the city: damage control operation, heartbreaking explosions

In addition, this movie also features one of the hottest actors of the year. Play in every story. Lee Jong-suk (Lee Jong-suk) returns this time with the role of a terrorist. Although he had played a villain in VIP before, in the role of Jung Tae Sung, he brought out the dark side of the character and designed the villain himself. former ship captain Bomb Specialist turn yourself into a ruthless and cold-hearted terrorist this time Guaranteed to satisfy movie goers for sure.

Thai people are preparing to be thrilled with the most violent sound sabotage event. when the volume reaches 100 decibels an explosion will turn an entire city into a blast in the blink of an eye. Only this state is thrilling! And get ready to see the most intense thriller at the end of the year. “DECIBEL – blow up the city” December 1 in cinemas in the big chain

Forecast Decibel film blowing up the city

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# City Bomb Hunt

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