‘Decision to Break Up’, which swept the Blue Dragon Film Awards, won 6 awards including Best Picture

The film ‘Decision to Break Up’ swept major categories including Best Picture, the highest award at this year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards, winning the most awards.

‘Decision to Break Up’ was held on the 25th at KBS Hall in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul at the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards Ceremony for Best Picture, Best Director (Park Chan-wook), Best Actor (Park Hae-il), Best Actress (Tang Wei), Music Award (Cho Young-wook), Screenplay (Jung Seo), Kyung, Park Chan-wook), etc., picked up six trophies.

‘Decision to Break Up’ was nominated in a total of 12 categories, including 6 awards, and was nominated for the most categories at this year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Baek Ji-seon, CEO of Mohofilm, the production company, said, “Since the director is currently filming in the United States, it is very unfortunate that he could not be with us at this glorious event.” Thank you very much,” he said. .

Since director Park Chan-wook was unable to attend the ceremony due to filming abroad, Kim Shin-young, who appeared in “Decision to Break Up,” accepted the Best Director Award on behalf of the actor. Director Park’s Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Director is the third time after ‘Joint Security Area JSA’ (episode 21) and ‘Old Boy’ (episode 24).

Kim Shin-young went on stage and said, “I regret that I couldn’t go because I was filming in Los Angeles (LA).” I met a lot of actors and staff. I want to share this honor with them,” Park Director said instead.

Actor Lee Jung-jae’s directorial debut, “Hunt,” also won three awards, including Best New Director (Lee Jung-jae), Best Editing (Kim Sang-beom), and Cinematography Lighting (Lee Mo-gae and Lee Seong-hwan ).

Director Lee Jeong-jae, who was unable to attend due to overseas schedules, said by phone that he is currently filming in England, and said, “I am grateful to all the people who loved ‘Hunt’, the staff, and the actors.”

Below is a list of winners and laureates.

▲ Best Picture Award = Decision to break up

▲ Best Actor Award = Park Hae-il (Decision to Break Up)

▲ Best Actress = Tang Wei (Decision to Break Up)

▲ Best Director = Park Chan-wook (Decision to Break Up)

▲ Best Supporting Actor = Byun Yo-han (Hansan: The Rise of the Dragon)

▲ Best Supporting Actress = Oh Na-ra (genre romance only)

▲ Best New Actor = Kim Dong-hwi (Mathematician in Wonderland)

▲ Best New Actress = Kim Hye-yoon (Girl on a Bulldozer)

▲ New Director Award = Lee Jung-jae (Hunt)

▲ Music Award = Jo Young-wook (Decision to Break Up)

▲ Art Award = Areum Han (Kingmaker)

▲ Technology Award = Heo Myeong-haeng · Yoon Seong-min (Sin City 2)

▲ Best Screenplay = Jeong Seo-kyung, Park Chan-wook (Decision to Break Up)

▲ Chung Jung-won Popular Star Award = Go Kyung-pyo, Lee Ji-eun, Daniel Henney, Lim Yoon-ah

▲ Biggest Audience Award for a Korean Film = Crime City 2

▲ Best Editing = Kim Sang-beom (Hunt)

▲ Cinematography Lighting Award = Lee Mo-gae · Lee Seong-hwan (Hunt)

▲ Short Film Award = Yoo Jong-seok (Fire at 2:00 AM)

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