Decision to commence corporate rehabilitation procedures for Ssangyong Motors Pyeongtaek City Response Plan: Community Politics

Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do 15Amid the forecast that the economy of the Pyeongtaek region, where the Ssangyong Motor plant is located, will be affected by the start of the Ssangyong Motor Company rehabilitation procedure in the Japanese General Situation Room., Presided over by the mayor of Jang Jeong-seon 18The countermeasures were discussed in the presence of people.. At the meeting that day, the city decided to do its best to stabilize people’s livelihood and overcome the local economic crisis..

First of all, due to the characteristics of the automobile industry, if Ssangyong Motors collapses, the ripple effect on the economy is expected to be great, so it was decided to actively support business partners..

first, Project expenses to support business partners 210It is promoting to secure billions of dollars and receive loans at low interest rates.. The loan limit is 5In billions 10And raise interest in billions 0.6%pin 2.0%pTo support Ssangyong Motor Co., Ltd. and Ssangyong Motor Co., Ltd. to support SMEs first..

Subsequently, it was decided to promote a special guarantee for small and medium-sized enterprises to resolve the financial difficulties of companies that cannot obtain loans due to lack of collateral capacity and support normalization of business management.. 2021The annual special guarantee fund is approximately 95Per company in billions 3Special guarantees of up to 100 million are possible..

The city implemented a proposal to support the government and promoted a signature campaign for all citizens., It is a policy of continuing efforts to normalize Ssangyong Motor..

Gyeonggi-do, Pyeongtaek City, Congressman and CityProvincial Council, Ssangyong Motor’s normalization and public welfare measures meetings were held in which the management and the union participated. Resolution for the stability of people’s livelihood Labor-Management Win-Win Resolution Plan to urge government funding for Ssangyong Motor’s rehabilitation..

On this day, the mayor of Jang Jeong-seon We will do our best to normalize Ssangyong Motor and overcome the regional economic downturn.Said.


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