Decision to take action against non-custom paid vehicles

It has been decided to take action against non-custom paid vehicles across the country, under which FBR and law enforcement agencies will act together.

In this regard, sources say that FBR will soon start crackdown against non-custom paid vehicles, FBR and Excise Department will take action against non-custom paid vehicles.

According to an estimate, so far more than one lakh such vehicles have been officially registered with the police, which will be regularized, while in addition to them, 2 to 3 lakh vehicles are running without registration. A revenue of more than billion rupees is likely to come.

Sources say that the caretaker prime minister has issued special orders against non-custom paid vehicles, such vehicles will be confiscated and customs duty will be collected from the owners.

According to the sources, nationwide action will be taken against non-custom paid vehicles, if action is not taken across the country, the vehicles are transported from one district to another, action will also be taken against the excise staff who do not take action.