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“Decisive Moment Mobile” x singer-songwriter 163 braces creates 2nd anniversary single “Brace Up” “Call of Duty: Mobile”

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“Garena Decisive Moment Mobile” announced today that it will work with the new generation of singer-songwriter 163 braces to create the second anniversary of the decisive single “Brace Up”, which is expected to be released on the 163 braces YouTube channel at 21:00 today (October 29). According to the official, 163 braces will bring a fresh and unique voice, which perfectly interprets the memories of the ethereal female warrior, and combines with the shocking scenes in the game, revealing the singer’s personal characteristics.

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Combining the spirit of “survival without fear, multiplayer competition” since the game’s 2nd anniversary, “Garena Mobile” and the contemporary melody topic girl 163 braces tried the first wave of singles. From the perspective of the heroine “Eben”, the MV recalls in her dream the big and small battles she has experienced in the past two years. It deeply expresses the frustrations from injury, failure, and self-giving up, and then thinking of comrades-in-arms and important responsibilities, and finally decided to continue to create without hesitation and belong to her own era. Blood process.

  • 163 Braces, the heroine “Aiben”, shoulders the heavy responsibility and finally defines the era of continuous creation of his own without hesitation

The anniversary event continues to burn!Co-branded the well-known movie “Imperial Saw”, log in on October 30 and receive a free purple gun

The second wave of the 2nd Anniversary of Decisive Victory starts! With the Halloween schedule, the classic horror movie “Imperial Saw” is co-branded, and Billy’s character styling is launched, and the Halloween styling epic reward is presented. The official also announced this week that players can also log in on October 30th. Receive free purple gun:

  • [Limited login ceremony]10/30 log in on the same day to immediately get the purple gun “UL736-Infinite Star Sea”.

  • [Trick or Treat]Challenge the Halloween theme missions and get the purple gun “M16-Pumpkin Ghost” and “Shorty-Mi Meow”.

  • [Trick or Treat]Complete the Halloween theme mission and get the purple horn “Scarlett Rhodes-Rebirth of the Wraith”.

  • [Pumpkin Slaughter Night]Kill the evil pumpkin and get the purple gun “Chopper-Colorful and Dazzling”.

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    The 2nd Anniversary Event of Decisive Victory continues to burn! Add extra money to send the Halloween Purple Gun and Purple Horn, log in on October 30 to directly receive the limited Purple Gun!


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