Decoding “Xi-Kishida”, meeting for the first time in 3 years, the beginning of “China-Japan” reviving relations

November 17, the PresidentXi JinpingChina and the Prime MinisterFumio Kishidafrom Japan had the opportunity to meet at the meetingAPEChosted by Thailand This is the first time in three years for the leaderChinaaJapanmeet and talk

From this discussion both sides confirmed their intention torestore relationshipfrom both countries whilethe color of a presidentexpress their willingness to work with Japan imaintaining a relationshipsustainable

“Today’s meeting is a good starting point for future discussions. so that the relationship between the two countries is constructive and sustainable.” Prime Minister Kishidatold reporters after speaking with President Xi for 45 minutes.

— President Xi Jinping of China and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan They met for the first time in three years in Bangkok on November 17, 2022 (Photo credit: AFP) –

summitThis time it was at the request of Japan. which sees the direct relationship with President Xi as important to reducetensionIn between, it’s pretty much down.

However, the Nikkei Asia website said that the talks between the leaders of China and Japan do not agree on everything. especially the matter”Taiwan

At the opening of the bilateral summit, Prime Minister Kishida said that bothChinaaJapanEach has a responsibility to ensure security and peace in the region. and the wider international community

then Japanese leadertold reporters that He emphasized to President Xi On the Importance of Peace and Stability in the Taiwan Strait But he refused to go into detail on what the Chinese leader said. for fear of interrupting the diplomatic ceremony

While President Xi said at the beginning of the talks that the importanceRelations between China and JapanNever changed and never will. and he also addressed the Japanese Prime Minister on the issue of Taiwan China will not tolerate interference in its domestic affairs. And China and Japan have to take different positions on maritime and border disputes. “All right”

Notable is a meeting between leadersChinaaJapan happened during the governmentTokyoaWashingtonContinue to strengthen the security alliance between each other. to counter China’s aggressive expansion of influence in the region along with finding a wayreduce economic dependencyfrom the Land of the Dragon

Currently, Chinalargest trading partnerJapan and any changes are likely to be gradual asan international companyIn Japan, a large percentage of their income comes from China. which is a large income that is hard to find in other markets to replace it

However, that must be closely monitored The first talks between President Xi and Prime Minister Kishida will be in three yearsThis will have a significant positive impact on the relationship between the two countries in the near future. Or will there still be a tense atmosphere for each other??

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