Decree ready to break the ceasefire with the Central General Staff

Ready the decree with which the National Government breaks the ceasefire with the Central General Staff in the departments of Guaviare, Meta and Caquetá; it is signed by the Defense Minister, Iván Velásquez.

Within the statement it is evident that the bilateral agreement agreed since last December 31 is suspended from now on, in the aforementioned territories, in turn, it is argued that the decision was made for the murder of indigenous minors.

Likewise, it is made clear that military operations against the organization headed by ‘Iván Mordisco’ will resume.

“It will continue to comply with the function and constitutional and legal obligation of the Public Force to preserve the integrity of the national territory, the constitutional and legal order and ensure the necessary conditions for the exercise of public rights and liberties throughout the national territory. ”, says the decree.

On the other hand, the Casa de Nariño mentions the events that happened in Putumayo, where this criminal group murdered the civilian population, they are forceful actions that the organization did not comply with what was agreed, and for this reason, the executive cannot allow that this activity and others such as forced recruitment that affect and fill the nation with fear.