Home Business Dee is ready to push Thai robots into the SME factory. Show quality as other countries. Cheaper than the same.

Dee is ready to push Thai robots into the SME factory. Show quality as other countries. Cheaper than the same.

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Dee is ready to push Thai robots into the SME factory. Show quality as other countries. Cheaper than the same. Stimulate the economy and close to 100 million baht.

Mr. Nattapon Rangsitphon, Director-General of the Department of Industrial Promotion (DOE) or Dee Prom, revealed the progress of the robotics industry. Policies of Mr. Suriya Juangroongruangkit Minister of Industry To drive the Thai economy that fiscal year 2022 will push robotics and automation clusters for SMEs to use in production, reduce costs, reduce dependence on labor. Reduce exposure to support New Normal society after Covid-19 After this, more enterprises that want to use robots will join the cluster. Use monetary mechanisms to create incentives, such as tax measures from the Office of the Board of Investment (BOI), low interest rates on loans from all sources of funds. and commercial banks such as the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SMED Bank) to provide knowledgeable experts and promote marketing plans to be more well known

Mr. Nuttapon said that the robot cluster Starting from 2019, there are currently 22 SMEs, both manufacturers and users, although it’s small, but it’s a good starting point. The common goal is to increase production capacity. Reducing the import of technology from abroad Bring the expertise of each company to help solve weaknesses. Recently, technology systems, including robots, have been traded between each other for an economic value of about 95 million baht or 4.75 million baht per business. Highlights of international quality Fast payback, average 1 year Cheaper than imported 3-5 hundred thousand baht per device. from the normal million baht or more reduce dependence on labor Reduce exposure to New Normal society

Mr. Phachara Saengow, Managing Director of Unical Works Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the Unibot robotic arm. and director of the robotics and automation cluster, said the company has an idea to produce commercial robots that businesses can access at a cheaper price than the market. But the quality and service are equivalent.

Mr. Somruen Chandang, Managing Director of Union Applied Company Limited, a member of the robotics and automation cluster, said that as a user of robotics technology produced in the cluster, Satisfied with technology, price and performance. At present, the factory adopts the company’s mechanical arm.
Unical Works used in the production of hydraulic cylinders. It was found that payback in just 10.4 months. Reduced labor required to work repetitively by 2 people, valued at 252,000 baht per year. Reduced electric power from 3 machines. Manufacture of parts. Hydraulic cylinders from 18,000 pieces to 42,000 pieces per year. The value of production increased 113% from 130,680 baht per year to 278,760 baht per year, and also reduce maintenance and deterioration costs up to 130,000 baht per year from 240,000. baht

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