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Defending champion NC, ‘Autumn Baseball’ canceled due to typhoon violating quarantine rules

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The 2021 season of the defending champion NC Dinos has ended in vain.

The NC warriors who were curiously wielding the ‘execution sword’ could not step into the postseason amid the Corona 19 typhoon and ended 2021.

NC lost the chance of an autumn feast regardless of the remaining match results as NC drew 1-1 in the first match of the double header against KT Wiz held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 28th and lost 5-2 in the second game.

NC can’t beat fifth-placed SSG Landers even if they win both games.

NC’s start this season hasn’t been bad.

Ace Drew Luchinsky and key player Aaron Altair were re-signed, and it was evaluated that he succeeded in strengthening his power by signing Wes Parsons instead of Mike Wright, who did not meet expectations.

Signboard star Na Seong-beom also failed to advance to the major leagues of American professional baseball, so NC maintained its winning record. NC achieved good results as expected.

Until June, they fought for the top 5 with a win rate of over 50%.

He continued his stride as the defending champion without showing much difference from the lead.

The accident happened in an unexpected place.

In July, NC caused a stir when it was revealed that the main hitters Park Seok-min, Park Min-woo, Lee Myung-gi, and Kwon Hee-dong were having a drinking party with outsiders at a Seoul expedition dormitory.

After many twists and turns, including being investigated by the police for violating quarantine rules, the players were suspended from participating in 72 games.

NC, whose team atmosphere was greatly damaged by losing four starting players at once, began to shake.

NC recorded a win rate of around 40,000 in August and September, and the rankings began to slide.

Two foreign pitchers and starting pitchers such as Shin Min-hyeok and Song Myeong-gi did their part, and new faces such as infielder Choi Jeong-won and pitcher Ryu Jin-wook played more than expected, but they did not have enough strength to lift the team that had been destroyed once.

NC competed in the postseason until the end of the season, but failed to get over the final hurdle.

With two games left in the regular season, all hope is gone.

It is the first time in 11 years since the KIA Tigers in 2010 that the winning team of the previous year’s Korean Series failed to advance to the postseason.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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