definitely!! Van Gaal cuts Krul out of the Dutch squad after refusing to train to save more penalties

Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal has dropped Tim Krul from his 2022 World Cup squad after the 34-year-old defender refused to practice further penalty saves as Van Gaal wanted.

Louis van Gaal The coach of the Dutch national team revealed that the name had been broken. Tim Krul The Norwich City goalkeeper, 34, has left the team and will no longer be called up to the team. So, Krul will not join the orange turbine team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar for sure.

Van Gaal has reasoned that Krul will not attend the special training sessions he has implemented. It is not a good thing to know that he is a good goalkeeper who saves penalties from the past statistics. To know that he cannot change the training of players with the club. But Krul was able to practice saving additional penalties on his own. but he refused to do so. So he definitely has no future with the team. because he decided not to come.

Krul was installed by Van Gaal as the goalkeeper who would come down during the penalty kicks. And he used to help the team win Costa Rica on penalties. in the quarter-finals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup until reaching the semi-finals

The four goalkeepers who have been called up to the latest team are Jesper Cilessen (Breda), Mark Flecken (Freiburg), Andrees Knoppert (Heerenveen), Remko Pasvir (Ajax)

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