Deforestation will end by 2030; One hundred world leaders with certainty | cop 26 climate summit | manorama news

One hundred world leaders promise to end deforestation by 2030. The key announcement was made at the COP 26 Climate Summit in Glasgow. The move is expected to include the Amazon rainforest, a storehouse of biodiversity. The United States will control the emission of methane, one of the main greenhouse gases.

The world community, including Brazil, which has been criticized for destroying the Amazon rainforest, has signed a landmark agreement on climate change. Canada, Russia, China, Indonesia and Congo, which cover 85 percent of the world’s forest land, are also part of the agreement. $ 19.2 billion will be allocated for deforestation and afforestation. Developing countries will receive financial assistance for afforestation, wildfire prevention and tribal welfare. Twenty-eight countries have agreed to end trade in products that could lead to deforestation.

About 30 of the world’s largest companies will collaborate on this initiative. The Joe Biden government is preparing to enact legislation to control methane, which plays a key role in raising global warming. Legislation is part of the environmental policy of Sustainable Development through Greenway. The White House has said it will take steps to control carbon emissions, including on public transportation.



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