Delaware couple were so emotional at the proposal, they forgot to say it

Delaware couple were so emotional at the proposal, they forgot to say it


We have a wedding season, and it's complicated to manage a busy social calendar. Mainly because wedding dates are common in June, September and October that everyone wants to be married. Susana has more Victoria Perez.

Helen Turkel and Marques Dukes

April 27, 2019

INTRODUCTION: Helen Turkel and Marques Dukes met on the dating website in early January 2016. The lack of people they were serving themselves frustrated both of them and decided to spend a wider number by trying on the digital site. Helen was 25 and lived in Trolley Square with her brother working at her first family and child theorist at the Delaware Guide. She went into the dating site a few days before she was killed by Marques. He was 29, living in Wilmington apartments and working for Discover Financial. They both felt instantly and both felt fast as old friends. She thought there was great humor at Marques and she was really cute. He checked her out online – "just visible" – before she approached, he was an advocate of women's rights and more. After many online conversations, Helen was the first person to suggest that they meet.

FIRST DATE: Within a week of her game, Helen's Marques chose up for dinner at Añejo in Trolley Square. It was Thursday night. They spent a few hours eating tacos and getting to know each other, then they moved to Magoo Scratch for drinks. Marques was dazzled from the moment she saw her. It was funny and interesting. Helen was happy to meet a man so nice. "I sent a text to my friend when I came home and said," I just went on a wonderful date … I'm going to marry him. "

FIRST PHASE: They kissed outside Helen's home after the first date and they saw each other twice that week. Within days, they were convinced that The One is the other. The relationship moved quickly, partly because it felt so natural and easy for both of them. She was spending a lot of time early in her house. By October, she moved in. By May 2017, they bought a house in the Pike Creek area.


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THE PROPOSAL: t In December 2017, Helen was not expecting a project, but she was looking forward to a proposal. She sent many pictures of Marques rings that she liked as well as some less subtle tips. He finally went to Jared in early December, bought a ring and hid him in a filthy drawer, from which he was quiet. Marques wanted to recommend it publicly and finally decided to do it on their 27th December tour to see the Christmas exhibition at Longwood Garden in Kennett Square. He secretly asked her parents to meet them there. But once in the gardens, he realized that he had no idea where he was going to recommend or how to find his parents. He eventually saw them from a distance and put a text on them to meet at one of the big trees. Helen was surprised and confused when they were running into her parents at the tree, which was living with modest makers. "Guess that this is," Marques thought and happy to ask, crowd or crowd any. Like magic, the whole audience melted. "We are the only person before him," he remembers. "I really went out and said something to her and then I went down one generation and asked her to marry me." When Helen realized what was going on, she was so serious "in a good way" that she can't remember what he said either. She remembers starting the new year to the right and being together forever, and mourning for her. She didn't say that.

SERVICE: They married on 27 April, 2019, at the University and in Whist Club in Wilmington. They had visited two other places outside the city, but were impressed by the refurbishment of the club, outdoor sites and the package it offered. They felt married in the city where they met and when they fell in love, they said. There was one sadness on her day. Achilles died, a long-time marques pet, an English mini-bowl and a pug mix, the eve of marriage. The bride and groom were grateful for the glorious spring weather on the day of their wedding, as the rain was on the day before and after. They exchanged vows outside, under chuppah made by Lloyd Loller, a long-standing friend of the family. In candles lighting ceremony, they used candlesticks to run down from Helen's grandmother. Daniel Miller, a college friend at the University of Delaware of Marques, made the ceremony. He insisted on meeting them individually before the marriage so that they could answer questions about each other. That day, he began talking about how they came together and gave the guests an epic and comic exploration of their relationship. Helen and Marques wrote their own vows, including very specific promises. He promised her, for example, to always look for something before asking her automatically where she was. She promised him not to make a detailed list on Saturday and only see where the day took them.

Helen Turkel and Marques Dukes / 27 April 2019 (Photo: Courtesy of Salt + Cedar Photography)

COUNTRY: The bride wore strap-stained-colored lace dress in mermaids silhouette, with a flame mole. She bought at Claire's Fashion in Wilmington.

AREA AND IMPROVEMENT: The bride wore a ring given by Helen's grandfather, Robert Doherty, her grandmother, Florence, for her 18th birthday.

ON BLUE: Helen gave a a handkerchief with blue flowers embroidered by her mother.

NEW AREA: Helen also wore a gold rose hairpin that she bought on Etsy.

WELCOME: The reception was at the University and at the Whist Club. They first looked before the ceremony, partly to get photos out of the way so that they could enjoy family and friends during cocktail hours. Joe Budden came out to dance with the “Bride It Up” at the bridal party, and Heavy D. came to tell the new loops to “Now That We Found Love”. Ray Lamontagne was their first dance. The dance party included an anniversary to find out who was the longest married couple, and Helen's parents at 43 years. The best man Mario Coleman enjoyed the cigarettes in particular, the morning of honor Jessica Musto and the father of the bride Gerry Turkel.

GIFTS AWARD: They never received any gifts – they suspect they had a honeymoon fund – but they received six copies of the same congratulations card.

The Gift and Entrance: t Daniel and Brittany Miller gave them a framed copy of their vows.

THE WITNESS: Helen and Marques went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Most of the days, they set off at the pool or on the beach, but they went sailing, snacking and riding ATVs to a cave where they swam. They enjoyed a day of spa and romantic dinner on the beach.

FAMILY HEAD: Kathy is daughter of Kathy and Gerry Turkel from Newark. The groom is the son of Maritta Coleman-Dukes from Claymont and Milton Dukes of Chesapeake, Virginia.

FOLLOWS: The couple live in the town they bought in 2017. Helen is a psychotherapist with Diamond State Counseling in the Wilmington / Newark area. She attended St Mark's High School and then went to University, where she studied criminal justice and Spanish, as well as pursuing a postgraduate degree in social work. Marques is now in the Discover Financial Services executive office in Wilmington. He went to Brandywine High School and attended UD, where he studied hotel, restaurant and institutional management. Marques sings and plays keyboards in the Red Hotts, a band of all kinds of music and plays up and down the East Coast. The new police hope they will have a child and take a pet in the years ahead. Baby first, Marques says.

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