Delay officers drop alcohol on 3 rivers north of Michigan

Cadillac – Federal officials are destroying alcoholic beverages for sections of three rivers in Huron -Manistee National Forest in northern Michigan.

Supervisor Leslie Auriemmo said Tuesday that the prohibition will be made available for at least a year.

Officials announced the banning earlier this month, saying it would prevent the natural resources and public safety of the Au Sable, Manistee and Pine rivers.

Fine and imprisonment would be a penalty for infringement.

The US Forest Service says that many people were in favor of the ban. But thousands of online petitions signed against him. Criticians said it would harm tourism.

Auriemmo says a group representing small businesses, local governments and private citizens will plan to restore community safety on the rivers. The banning of alcohol could be cut in 2020 unless conditions improve.

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