Delinquent Youth Rehabilitation Programs: Using Songs to Inspire Change

Man Involved in Recent Traffic Accident Had History of School Violence

A man in his 20s, identified as Shinmo (28), who caused a serious traffic accident near Apgujeong Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, injuring a young woman, was found to have a past involving school violence. Shinmo was arrested for violating the Traffic Accident Handling Special Cases Act, but was released after approximately 17 hours.

Possible Connection to ‘Song For You’ Program

Following the incident, online communities have begun speculating that Shinmo had appeared on the SBS pilot program ‘Song For You’ in 2013. The show, led by renowned singers Lee Seung-cheol and Uhm Jung-hwa, aimed to rehabilitate delinquent youth through the power of music.

In the program, a man named Shin Woo-jun, who had distinctive tattoos covering his body, confessed to instances of school violence. He disclosed, “I was involved in altercations at school, even causing harm to others. I regret my actions and the pain I caused to my former friends.”

YouTuber Unveils Shocking Details

Adding fuel to the controversy, popular YouTuber ‘Caracula’ uploaded a video revealing more about Shinmo’s background. According to the YouTuber, Shinmo belonged to a criminal group named ‘MT5’, operating in Gangnam. Their illicit activities involved virtual currency exchange for drug trafficking purposes on the messaging platform Telegram. It is estimated that Shinmo and his gang accrued substantial profits from this operation.

Caracula further alleged that Shinmo flaunted his wealth and power, splurging on club expenses and hiring high-profile lawyers. The YouTuber also mentioned that Shinmo tested positive for ‘ketamine’ during a drug test conducted following the accident.

Controversial Release of Shinmo

Regarding the decision to release Shinmo without an arrest warrant, a police official explained that it was based on the lawyer’s assurance of his client’s cooperation and acceptance of responsibility.

The investigation into the traffic accident is still ongoing, with further details yet to emerge. Meanwhile, concerns over the rehabilitation programs for delinquent youth have resurfaced, raising questions about their efficacy and the need for improved supervision and support.

Estimated participation in programs intended to rehabilitate delinquent youth with songs
Famous YouTuber “Acquiring huge profits by creating a gift reading room abroad”

Shin, a man in his 20s who seriously injured a woman in her 20s by driving a Rolls-Royce on the sidewalk near Apgujeong Station in Gangnam, Seoul on the 2nd, walks out of her car and talks on the phone. Screenshot from ‘Caracula Detective Agency’ YouTube channel

The identity of a man in his 20s who drove a Rolls-Royce near Apgujeong Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul and rushed to the pavement, seriously injuring a woman in her 20s, was a perpetrator of school violence in the past.

According to the police, Shinmo (28) was arrested on charges of breaching the Traffic Accident Handling Special Cases Act, including driving into pavements at 8:10pm on the 2nd and injuring a woman in her 20s who was walking . on the way, but was released after about 17 hours. .

Since then, claims have been raised in various online communities that Shin appeared in SBS pilot program ‘Song For You’ in 2013.

‘Song For You’ is a program to rehabilitate young offenders with songs led by singers Lee Seung-cheol and Uhm Jung-hwa.

There are claims that a man in his 20s, Mr Shin, appeared in the SBS pilot program ‘Song For You’ in 2013.

In this broadcast, Shin Woo-jun, who covered his body with tattoos, confessed about school violence, such as “I was cut twice at school,” “I buried children in other schools,” and “I bullied many of my children . friends when I was young.”

In addition to this, on the 5th, YouTuber ‘Caracula’ released a new identity, saying, “The perpetrator of the full body tattoo, born in 1995, ran rampant with the police officers who were sent because he did not press a. Revealed a woman in her 20s with a Rolls-Royce won 600 million.

Caracula said, “Shin organized an emerging criminal group called ‘MT5’ in Gangnam to create a foreign exchange for virtual currency so that it could be used as a payment method for drug trafficking through Telegram.” It is estimated that he made a huge profit from fees) and profits.”

“Shin and his gang used great power with ‘money’ as a weapon, spending tens of thousands of money won in clubs every week and hundreds of millions of winnings hiring lawyers in big law firms,” ​​he said.

Meanwhile, at the time of the accident, Shin showed a positive response to ‘ketamine’ in a simple drug test.

As for the reason for releasing Shin without asking for an arrest warrant, a police official said, “Shin’s lawyer made his identification and said he would take responsibility, so he was released.”

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