Delivering eggs as promised Egg seller reveals life after winning first prize is like being ganged up

The egg seller won 1st prize, got 6 million, made a fortune, disappeared from the market for a week. come back as promised to distribute eggs to 500 people

In the case of Ms Siriphan or Jae Ami (Squirrel), an egg seller at Kong Thai Market, Tha Tum Sub-District, Si Maha Phot District, Prachin Buri Province, won the 1st prize lottery for the draw on March 16, 2023 ■ The first time once gave eggs and 101 cups of shaved ice to market vendors.

Most recently, this morning (March 26), reporters reported that Having traveled to make merit Today, 500 panels of eggs have been distributed. There are people in the area. After hearing the news, he came to queue up to receive the eggs until it was full. In front of Thai Kong Fresh Market, Tha Tum Subdistrict, Si Maha Phot District, Prachin Buri Province

Then, at 6:30 am, Ms. Siripan or Jay Ami (Squirrel), a seller who won the first prize lottery, drove a pickup truck to the market area where eggs were distributed. and lighting incense to pay homage to the gods The officers, the teachers and all the sacred things made votive offerings. with the people of the area coming together to pay homage to the sacred things this time

When questioned, Jay Ami (squirrel) said he was shocked after driving into the market and seeing many people. Anyway, prepare 500 panels of eggs to distribute to the public.

after winning the lottery Then his life was like being robbed. because creditors are calling to collect their debts so have had time to rest by doing merit and concentration

The distribution of eggs this time is to pay homage after making vows to the rulers and the angels in the market. and fulfilled the promises that had been made

However, from the distribution of 500 eggs, but more than 1,000 people came to attend the egg distribution this time, causing people to be disappointed and satisfied when receiving the egg distribution this time.

By Jet Tim, the owner of Thai Kong Market after seeing people waiting to receive the eggs and he didn’t get the donated eggs because the eggs ran out so he distributed snacks and distributed Khao Lam to those who were disappointed Making people happy for people who come to queue a lot


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