DELTA buying pressure – major stocks support Thai stocks to recover, close +9.02 points. Brokers recommend keeping an eye on the Fed’s approach next week.

Thailand stocks recovered to close the market +9.02 points. Brokers indicate strong buying of DELTA stocks and large stocks to support and turn positive. Concerns about the banking crisis eased in the US and Europe after the government announced emergency measures to help. Looking at next week’s index frame moving in positive territory, assess the support at 1,545 points and the resistance at 1,600 points.

The Thai stock market closed for trading on March 17, 2023, increasing +9.02 points or +0.58%, closing at 1,563.67 points, trading value of 73,534.88 million baht. Overall, today’s investment in the index has recovered back markets around the world. During the day, it rose to its highest at 1,571.60 points, in turn, the lowest with 1,555.24 points.

While the securities that changed hands today increased by 897 securities, 458 remained unchanged, and a decrease of 678.

In terms of trading volume distributed by investor groups, it was found that net foreign investors sold more than -1,965.16 million baht and brokerage accounts sold more than -276.50 million baht. Institutional investors buy net +1,809.20 million baht and domestic investors buy net +432.46
million baht

The securities with the highest trading value of the 5 securities
1.DELTA, trading value 3,499.12 million baht, closed at 996.00 baht, up 24.00 baht
2.KBANK, with a trading value of 2,948.91 million baht, closed at 132.00 baht, up 2.50 baht.
3.PTT trading value 2,852.05 million baht, closed at 30.00 baht, up 0.25 baht
4.PTTEP, trading value 2,264.03 million baht, closed at 140.50 baht, up 4.50 baht
5.CPALL, trading value 2,205.66 million baht, closed at 61.25 baht, up 0.50 baht

The SET100 index with the highest returns in 5 positions is:
1.DELTA closed at 996.00 baht, up 24.00 baht or 2.47%
2.PTTEP closed at 140.50 baht, up 4.50 baht or 3.31%
3.BBL closed at 153.50 baht, up 4.00 baht or 2.68%
4.JMT closed at 46.50 baht, up 2.75 baht or 6.29%
5.KBANK closed at 132.00 baht, up 2.50 baht or 1.93%

In terms of the SET100 index, the top 5 falling prices are:
1.SCC closed at 315.00 baht, down 3.00 baht or 0.94%
2.HANA closed at 48.00 baht, down 2.25 baht or 4.48%
3.KCE closed at 43.25 baht, down 2.00 baht or 4.42%
4.SCGP closed at 46.00 baht, down 1.75 baht or 3.66%
5.EA closed at 73.00 baht, down 1.25 baht or 1.68%

While the SET100 index closed at 2,107.28 points, an increase of 15.19 points or 0.73%, the SET50 index closed at 940.40 points, an increase of 7.60 points or 0.81% and the market index closed at 538.27 points, an increase of 0.74 points or 0.74 points 0.14 %.

Mr Narongdej Chantaraphaisan, Assistant Director of the Securities Analysis Department, AIRA Securities, said that the general stock market in Thailand improved today. It follows stock markets around the world. Get buying pressure back into large stocks and support DELTA After investors eased the banking crisis in the US and Europe. because the government came to help the big US banks Announced a total injection worth 30 billion dollars To add liquidity to the First Republic Bank (First Republic Bank) or FRB, the regional bank of the United States.

As for the trend next week, the market is expected to move sideways. Keep an eye on the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting if interest rates are adjusted more than expected. causing the market to continue to worry But if the interest rate is raised by 0.25% as expected, the market will be more relaxed. and continue to adjust by assessing the support at 1,545 points and the resistance at 1,600 points


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