“Delta mutation infection, 90% of new infections expected in EU by the end of August” | Morning & Now


There is growing concern that the Indian delta mutant virus will once again change the global coronavirus situation. Our authorities are also nervous, especially in the United States and European countries, where the virus is spreading rapidly. Data is available on the extent of the future impact in Europe. Let’s connect with the press.

Reporter Lee Jae-seung, do you think it will account for the majority of new infections in the future?


The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention evaluated the spread of the so-called delta mutant virus in 30 European countries.

Delta virus infections are estimated to account for 70% of new infections by early August and 90% by the end of August.

“It is very likely that the delta mutation will be widespread during the summer,” he said, worrying that it would be particularly prevalent among young people who are not vaccinated.

The delta mutation first identified in India is said to be 40 to 60 percent more contagious than the alpha mutation first detected in the UK.

■ ‘Olympic D-30’ Tokyo, the highest number of new corona infections in 27 days

Following is the news that the number of new corona19 confirmed in Tokyo, the host city, has increased significantly as the opening of the Tokyo Olympics is a month away.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced yesterday (23rd) that there were 619 new confirmed cases of Corona 19.

This is the highest number in 27 days since the 27th of last month.

The total number of confirmed cases in Japan is also on the rise, with 1,779 as of 7 pm yesterday.

It wasn’t until two days ago that I realized that the situation in Tokyo wasn’t good.

On the 22nd, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike was hospitalized due to overwork due to Corona response and Olympic preparations.


Is the US International Trade Commission’s final decision on Korean-made tires?


It is highly likely that tariffs will be imposed on Korean tires from July.

Earlier, on May 24, the US Department of Commerce announced the results of an investigation into the imposition of anti-dumping duties on tires made in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

And then, this time, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) made a final decision stating that it caused substantial damage to US industry.

Accordingly, the calculation of the domestic tire industry has become more complicated.

First of all, it is a plan to change the production location of tires for export to the US to other countries, such as the US, instead of Korea.


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