“Demands bedtime 10 times a day”… Ex-model woman has sued husband in his 80s for 100 billion won

Janet Bedin (left). Vito Berni. (Caught from the New York Post)

A man in his 80s who asked his wife, who was 16 years younger than a model, to sleep with her 10 times a day and treated her like a housekeeper is suing him for 100 billion won in alimony.

According to the New York Post, an American media outlet on the 13th, former model Janet Bedin (68) filed a lawsuit against her husband, Vito Berni (84), for alimony of 80 million dollars (about 106 billion won) .

The complaint filed by Bedin states that they suffered defamation, solicitation of fraud, harassment and illegal eviction while living together as a couple between the beginning of 2019 and the end of 2021.

The two first met in 1976, when Bedin was 21 years old. At the time, Bedin came to New York to pursue her dreams of modeling and acting.

At this time, Bedin meets Bernie, the owner of the house he was renting. After being between the tenant and the landlord, they became fast friends, but Bernie was already married.

The couple dated and broke up, and in late 2018, Bernie told Bedin, “My wife died, and now I’m single. Let’s move out of New York and live together in our six bedroom, six baths. Don’t work anymore.” “I was persuaded.

After that, they both started living together. However, from now on, Bernie controlled Bedin and abused him verbally and physically.

“He always wanted to be with me and told me to focus 100 percent on myself,” Bedin’s statement said.

“He motivated me to quit my modeling job by presenting me with cards, letters, emerald and diamond engagement rings,” she said. He added, “I gave up my dog ​​because Bernie had a cat.”

In particular, Bedin claimed that “Bedin demanded to have sex with her up to 10 times a day.”

In the end, all the housework was her responsibility, and Bedin, who had given up working as a model who had built a solid career by forcing her to be by her side at all times, could not stand it and file legal action against her husband, Bernie.

On the other hand, Bernie’s lawyer said, “It’s Bedin’s baseless lawsuit, and the lawsuit was filed to harass Bernie.” Bedin has filed such lawsuits before, all of which were dismissed last month. A judge warned at the final hearing, “Mr. Bedin, this will put you in jail. You have to stop.”


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