DEMCO receives revenue this year misses the target Prepare a plan to earn more than 1.7 billion baht.

DEMCO receives revenue this year misses the target After delivering 3 major projects, there was a delay. She currently stocks backlogs of over 3,054 million baht, expecting around 40% of the recognition in the second half of the year Ready to apply for new projects worth over 17 billion baht EGAT and PEA Prepare plans to join partners to explore new businesses

Mr Pongsak Sirikupt, Chief Executive Officer of Demco Public Company Limited (DEMCO) revealed at the “Opportunity Day” event that the company expects this year’s revenue will not meet the target of 10% growth from the previous year due to the they are affected by the design and delayed delivery of the area by 3 major projects

The three projects are Embroidery works for the freeway project worth 1,100 million baht, the construction of a power station in the Sam Khok area. Pathum Thani Province worth 500 million baht from the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) station and transmission line worth 250 million baht, However, the company will strive to operate as well as possible.

Currently, the value of the company’s backlog is about 3,054 million baht, most of which is power engineering, communication and signaling works. and renewable energy work It is expected that such a backlog will gradually recognize income in the 3-4/22 quarter, which is approximately 40% of the total value of the work.

Meanwhile, the trend of jobs in the public and private sectors began to return for more applications. especially in the government sector, both in the EGAT project. The bid will be open for the construction of the substation with an average of 10,000 million baht per year and PEA projects. Currently, it is awaiting applications for the construction of power substations and transmission lines. and has an average value of about 7 billion baht per year

The business trend in the second half of the year The company will continue to expand new business with partners to expand the business and create opportunities to increase sources of income and create a New S Curve of future business. In line with megatrends after technological changes such as Computer Base, Smart Grid, Micro Grid, Energy Storage, and businesses related to electric vehicles (EV), the company also aims to expand investment in 20 megawatt solar roof projects (MW) by year 66.

“The goal of adding a new line of work. to draw up business strategies, joint action plans Administrative structure Investment Project Feasibility Study Business development as well as giving advice Project management Working Group to develop efficiency in implementing the company’s strategic goals We are confident that it can help drive sustainable growth in the future, ” said Mr Pongsak.

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