Democracy “The power of the people, introducing a list of special committees for investigating state affairs and showing sincerity”

In addition, Park Hong-geun, the floor leader of the Democratic Party, said, “The power of the people is to show sincerity by submitting the list of special committees by 6 pm today” regarding the ‘Itaewon Disaster State Affairs Investigation’.

Representative Park Nae-nae told reporters after the general assembly this afternoon, “We must adopt a plan for an investigation by the government at the plenary on the 24th.”

Wonnae Park said, “We need to hold a special committee meeting tomorrow and prepare a plan for electing the chairman and secretary and an investigation plan.” After going through it, we gathered an opinion that we could move forward,” he explained.

Earlier, Ho-young Joo, head of People’s Power, told reporters after the Intelligence Committee meeting today, “If the Democratic Party reveals that it will launch a parliamentary investigation after processing the budget bill, consultations can be held even before that. the 24th.”

In addition, he also said, “If a consensus can be reached according to the results of the general assembly of the Democratic Party, the list of special committees will be presented, and if not, there will be no change from the previous situation.”

The representative of the state floor proposed to the Democratic Party to reverse the proposal of ‘pre-budget and post-government investigation’, but the Democratic Party said in the general meeting of the legislators that the proposal is not known if it has gone through coordination. opinion within the party, such as the position of the president’, and the power of the people in a special committee list We came to the conclusion that sincerity must be shown through submission.

Oh Yeong-hwan, spokesman for the Democratic Party, also told reporters, “Even if the list of special committees is not presented by today, the national support plan must be approved at the plenary meeting on the 24th.”

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