Democratic Nationwide Conference Turning Place Money… Jae-myung Lee, 1st poll ‘solo’


In the midst of this, candidate Lee Jae-myung continued the development principle with far more than 70% of the votes in the Democratic Get together of Korea’s college primary, which turned into a turning level these days (14th).

The outcomes of an belief poll of the typical community, not a member of the Rights Social gathering, had been also published for the 1st time.

George is a joke.


It is a time when about 50 % of the timetable for electing the next management of the Democratic Get together has been concluded.

The ‘Lee Jae-myung popular theory’ has turn into even much more strong.

Candidate Jae-myung Lee recorded 73.28% of the cumulative votes like customers of the Right Occasion in Chungcheong province.

Prospect Yong-Jin Park gained 19.9%, when applicant Hoon-Sik Kang only obtained 6.83%.

The first general public impression poll was also produced, where 12.5% ​​was mirrored in the last consequence, and this candidate recorded pretty much 80% of the votes.

[이재명/더불어민주당 당 대표 후보 : “압도적인 지지를 통해서 강력한 리더십을 부여해 주시면 제가 이 더불어민주당을 국민의 사랑을 받는 (전국정당으로 만들겠습니다.)”]

Prospect Yong-jin Park was anticipated to guidance general polls, and Candidate Hoon-shik Kang, who experienced Asan-eul, Chungcheongnam-do as his constituency, was predicted to assist Chungcheong, but it was not adequate to give a likelihood to rebound.

[박용진/더불어민주당 당 대표 후보 : “이변 없는 상황들이 유지되고 있다, 이렇게 보고요. 호남에서 심상치 않은 바람을 만들어가기 위해서 노력하겠습니다.”]

[강훈식/더불어민주당 당 대표 후보 : “투표율이 좀 더 높았더라면 좋은 선전의 결과를 만들어낼 수 있었다, 이런 생각이 들고요. 앞으로도 열심히 하는 모습 보여드리겠습니다.”]

In certain, because the effects of public belief polls are broader than the votes of get together customers, the unifying power of the two candidates, Park Yong-jin and Kang Hoon-sik, is also declining.

Professional-Lee Jae-myung-gye candidates continued their propaganda in the joint supreme council election.

Agent Ko Min-jeong from the ‘pro-moon family’ was 2nd, but there ended up four legislators, Chung Cheong-rae, Jang Kyung-tae, Web optimization Young-kyo, and Park Chan-dae, who were categorized as ‘pro – yes’. myeong-gye’, made it to the top 5 for the election.

Till the Congress of Nationwide Associates on the 28th, the Democratic Bash will now only have Honam, Seoul, and Gyeonggi locations left.

This is Jo Ji-hyun from KBS Information.

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