Democratic Party “If you vote, you win”… Kim Eun-hye counterattacks with ‘false property report’


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The Democratic Party appealed to support the opposition party responsible to prevent regime runaway while the party leadership put an end to the conflict within the party by holding hands and emphasizing the one-team spirit.

In addition, they did their best to win the battlefield by launching a concentrated offensive at the party level against Candidate Eun-hye Kim, the People’s Power, who was confirmed to have reported a reduction in wealth.

Reporter Kun-Hwi Kim reports.

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Park Ji-hyeon and Yun Ho-jung, two vice chairman of the Democratic Party, who faced each other over the direction of the Democratic Party’s renewal,

Six days after the collision, we held a press conference in Gyeyang-eul, Incheon, and held hands again with candidate Lee Jae-myung.

[이재명/더불어민주당 총괄선대위원장]

“We will definitely take responsibility. We are a team.”

He also announced an appeal to become a new responsible opposition party by innovating until the people are satisfied, saying he is well aware of the disappointment of the Democratic Party.

[윤호중/더불어민주당 공동비상대책위원장]

“I hope that you use the Democratic Party as a tool to set the Republic of Korea right. We will prevent the runaway of the regime with the power of a balanced and responsible opposition party.”

It is a strategy to escape the conflict and prevent the departure of the supporters, and to bring the votes of the middle class with the message of renewal.

In addition, I played through the alleys and alleys centering on the cold ice area and waged a game with the theory of checks and the theory of characters.

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The Democratic Party once again emphasized the ‘worker theory’, saying that in this election, we should choose a competent candidate who will use the tax properly, not a referee.

The rental offensive focused on the People’s Power, Kim Eun-hye, a candidate for Gyeonggi Governor.

Candidate Kim urged the resignation of the property report, saying that it was revealed that the value of the building owned by her husband was reduced by 1.6 billion won.

[한준호/더불어민주당 중앙선대위 대변인]

“This is a very serious matter that could even lead to the cancellation of the election. Candidate Eun-hye Kim, who falsely mocked the citizens of Gyeonggi-do, apologizes and thinks that stepping down from the candidacy is the last courtesy for the people of Gyeonggi-do.”

Candidate Eun-hye Kim had previously strongly denied this when a related question was asked at a candidate debate.

[김은혜/국민의힘 경기도지사 후보 (지난 23일)]

“If you’re so wasteful about reporting that you’re cheating on something like that for a while… I’ll be punished for it. It’s never going to happen. I can’t do that.”

However, today, when the National Election Commission decided to announce the reduced report at the polling place on the day of the election, they said that there was a mistake by the working-level staff and that they would do everything possible in the future.

This is Kim Gun-hwi from MBC News.

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