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Democrats are dissatisfied with the results of the Senate election accountability AOC | Senator | Republican

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Moderates point out that the ultra-left political views of politicians such as Ou Kaixiu affect the Democratic Party election

[EpochTimesNovember192020](Epoch Times reporter Shi Ping New York report) Although the Democratic Party’s top leaders, despite the overwhelming emergence of cheating witnesses and evidence, still insist on the statement that “Biden is elected president”, there are many democrats. People in the party can’t understand why the president has got it, but the Senate is still the Republican? Isn’t it surprising that the votes for Biden should be piggybacked on to vote for the Democrats below?

In a recent party meeting, Democrats were very dissatisfied with Senate Minority Chairman Charles Schumer, believing that he did not do a good job, did not win the Senate and did not ask them for improvement; there were also some moderates. The ultra-left political views directed at AOC and others made them lose voters.

According to the “Capitol Hill” (the Hill) news, these Democratic senators analyzed their counterparts in Iowa, Maine, and Montgomery at the meeting last Sunday. The reasons for the failures of Montana and North Carolina were originally expected to replace the current Republican senators in these states.

Their main opinions are: more work must be done in rural states where the Republican Party currently dominates. “We should do better liaison work. We are not doing enough now,” said Democratic Senator Jon Tester of Montana.

This congressman and others expressed the hope that Schumer can learn more from this party meeting and formulate more effective strategies to make the Democratic Party perform better in the 2022 election.

“We are not telling Schumer what he is going to do, but I think Schumer should ask us for advice, the best way to do this in the future,” Tester said.

Others said that the Democrats should not lose this time, allowing the Republicans to achieve the biggest victory “since Reagan (President) years”. The Democrats were also described as “defenders of bad government”, and “The American people think so too.”

These Democratic Party’s actions are a normal manifestation of failure after the election. However, there is currently evidence that, even if the Democratic Party is not fully involved in the voting software, many of them are involved, or at least they are aware of it.

Sidney Powell, a well-known lawyer in Trump’s team and former federal prosecutor, announced two days ago that they had a testimony provided by a declaring witness, saying that Sima, a software contractor in the equipment of the Dominion voting system Smartmatic’s software was tailor-made for election fraud from the beginning; this voting system is used in 29 states including six swing states. During the 2013 Venezuelan general election, this software performed exactly the same operation as it did on November 3 this year, that is, first stop counting votes, and then the situation reversed, and those who won first lost. Witnesses said that the period of stoppage is the time for the software to re-adjust to cheat.

This may explain the question that puzzled these Democratic congressmen: Since Biden has won 80 million votes, why did the candidates for the Democratic congressmen of various regions under Biden’s name not win? Because in a real election, voters who choose the Democratic presidential candidate will of course also select the Democratic Party members below. Maybe the software can only take care of the parameters of Biden alone, and cannot take care of dozens of Democratic senator candidates across the country?

Democratic Senator Joe Manchine of Virginia bluntly stated at the weekend meeting that the reason for the failure of the Democratic Party was the connection between the Democratic Party and the “Medicine for All”, “Green New Deal” and other ultra-left propositions of the Democratic Party and Okay Show. For the sake of.

Schumer was quite silent at the meeting and only said, “There is no Trump president, Biden will be the next president. This is something we are all happy about.”

Now that the Republicans in the Senate have won a weak 50-48 vote, whether they can ultimately maintain their dominance in the Senate depends on the highly anticipated re-election of the Senate in Georgia next January. As long as the Republican Party can keep one of its seats, it will win a big victory. ◇

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