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I got rich and my brain got worse

A mega-party with a strong appetite

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Collective refusal to reform the party

Park Ji-hyeon, chairman of the permanent election of the Democratic Party of Korea, speaks at a joint meeting of the election committee for the balance of state affairs and stability of the people’s livelihood held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the morning of the 25th. (Joint coverage photo) ⓒDailyan Reporter Park Hang-gu

Two friends, who were a bit short of hair, lived in a village. Ga said looking at E.

“People look at us and say we have a head or a head, but why?”

After thinking for a long time, Eul said.

“We are not rich. So I can’t be smart.”

“You’re not rich, so why are you in a bad mood?”

“Because the food you eat is different. Rich people eat meat as they please. So, naturally, my hair is getting better.”

“I will. If we eat a lot of meat, will our brains get better?”

“It will definitely get better.”

부자가 되더니 머리 더 나빠져

A person who was listening to this conversation next to me made an offer.

“I’ll give you money so you can eat meat to your heart’s content. I wonder if my hair gets better.”

The two readily agreed, received the money, and ate to their heart’s content.

A few days later, Gab saw Eul and said.

“It worked too. Since I started eating meat, my understanding of things hasn’t gotten much brighter. For example, the foot of a person. Because I found out why it’s sticking forward rather than backwards. Suppose the instep is attached to the back. It’s easy to be trampled on by people who come after you.”

said with a recalled expression.

“My hair has improved a lot too. For example, they put a nostril and figured out why it was drilled down. Let’s say it’s pierced upwards. All the rainwater won’t go into the nostrils.”

The person who gave the money sighed.

“These guys used to be a little crazy, but after they ate the meat they became very stupid. Human beings become like this when they get rich.”

This story, which was supposed to be made for fun, also has a reason. When you are poor, you have the question of “Why do I have to be poor?” However, after becoming rich, he only becomes good at absurd self-rationalization and excludes worries altogether. It’s really going to turn into an idiot.

Of course, I don’t mean to disparage the rich. I’m trying to say that the Democratic Party of Korea is pathetic and pathetic because it has grown so oversized that it can’t control its body and even its head (= thought).

식욕만 왕성해진 초거대 정당

Shouldn’t all Democrats be like that? It is thought that this may not be the case with the 586th generation, which forms the core force of this huge party. In difficult times, he had a sense of problem anyway, and his logic and goals were clear. He was not an idiot, although he had shaken up the people’s values, national view, and world view by exaggeratingly repackaging outdated ideologies. Rather, it could be said that it was too clever.

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However, as it became the ruling party and a mega-party, it gave the impression that it had completely forgotten about the problem and was dominated only by primitive desires. Elephants spend most of their time eating. Maybe mammoths and dinosaurs did too. The dinosaurized Democratic Party also revealed ecological features resembling these giant animals. He was obsessed with eating.

Still, it wasn’t until the 21st general election that it was reckless. It was a mask because he was cunning, but he pretended to be in shape. In the case of four bills, including the enactment of the Act on the Establishment and Operation of the Crime Investigation Office for Senior Officials, the amendment to the Public Official Election Act (which focuses on the quasi-interlocking proportional representation system), the amendment to the Criminal Procedure Act, and the amendment to the Public Prosecutor’s Office Act, it took about a year to work with the ruling Democratic Party of Korea and the ruling Democratic Party of Korea. The so-called 4+1 councils such as the Bareunmirae Party, the Democratic and Peace Party, the Justice Party, and the New Alternative Party were even seen using dragons.

However, after becoming a mega-party, its enormous appetite has served as a black hole for legislation. President Moon Jae-in at the time. Lee Jae-myung (now) Incheon City Gyeyang was swallowed up by a by-election candidate in the constituency district, or anything that aroused the appetite of the party like the leadership of the party, was swallowed up in an instant. An example of this is the passing of the Prosecutor’s Office Act (complete deprivation of the prosecution’s investigative powers, that is, the destruction of the prosecution) bill, that is, the amendment bill to the Prosecutor’s Office Act and the Criminal Procedure Act. ▲The resolution of the Judiciary Subcommittee → 17 minutes passed by the Agenda Mediation Committee, ▲The resolution of the Judiciary Committee 8 minutes, ▲The Prosecutor’s Office Act amendment bill 6 minutes, ▲ the Criminal Procedure Act amendment bill, and 3 minutes of the resolution of the plenary session on the constitution of the Judicial Reform Special Committee.

무엇에 씌었기에 이렇게까지

There was no light to worry about. Just like a first-time doctor, he ran with a giant dinosaur-like size according to the orders of the members of the council. Ex-President Moon, who had only six days left in his term, delayed the opening of the cabinet meeting to the afternoon, waiting for the passage of the relevant bills at the National Assembly plenary session before proceeding with the resolution and promulgation. The Democratic Party and the president at the end of his term showed an action outside of (democratic) common sense that could not be explained unless it was something.

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Song Yeong-gil, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, who served as a five-term member of the National Assembly in Gyeyang, Incheon and even served as Mayor of Incheon, threw down his seat and suddenly ran as a candidate for Seoul mayor. Lee Jae-myung, the party’s standing adviser, who served as Gyeonggi-do governor for two Seongnam mayor times, ran for the by-election in Incheon Gyeyang, the district of former lawmaker Song, even though the Bundang-Gap constituency in Seongnam was vacant. It’s embarrassing, but they flew around casually. It seems that it was not the desire for sacrifice or service, but only the sway of appetite (though not greedy for sandwiches or sushi).

The gigantic low intelligence was also evident in the collective behavior of the party leadership. 26-year-old Joint Emergency Response Committee Chairman Park Ji-hyeon held a press conference on the 24th to apologize to the public, ▲ pursuing a popular party rather than a fandom party; promised At the same time, he bowed more than 90 degrees to express his apology to the people. The next day, he expressed the same intentions at the meeting of the election committee. In response, the 86th group, the party leadership and influential figures, poured out derogatory remarks. In particular, Ho-jung Yun, co-chair of the co-blood team, ‘banged’ his desk and even left.

Regarding this atmosphere, Chairman Park protested, “Then why did you pick me up and have me sit here?” But on the afternoon of the 27th, he raised a white flag. He wrote on his Facebook page that he held a press conference without sufficiently discussing with the party leadership, “I apologize to Co-Chairman Yun Ho-jung, who must have been particularly offended.” Although he was in his twenties, the wall of 86 was too high and thick.

당 쇄신안에 대한 집단적 거부

However, less than six hours after the apology, Chairman Park wrote again and attacked Chairman Yoon. He said, “I requested that I announce a joint campaign statement with Chairman Yoon at the Incheon intensive campaign scheduled for today.” It is known that the joint campaign includes five major reform tasks: a younger Democratic Party, a more stringent Democratic Party, a Democratic Party that keeps its promises, the Democratic Party that has broken up with its violent fandom, and the Democratic Party that prepares for the future.

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On March 13th, Vice-Chairman Yoon introduced the recruitment of co-chairman Park as follows.

“(Chairman Park) has resisted and fought against injustice and injustice, succumbing to all kinds of threats. It is a precious spirit and value that the Democratic Party desperately needs.”

The ‘spirit of the Democratic Party’ and the ‘values ​​of the Democratic Party’ were too easily frustrated by the party’s major shareholders, including Chairman Yoon. Even more pitiful is the fact that after receiving Chairman Park’s apology and showing signs of easing his anger, he turned his head back to the party reform plan. I wonder what kind of profit they were trying to protect even when they broke the will to reform the party of the political bud that they had recruited and made the chairman of the bloke with all kinds of praise. At a time when the local elections are just around the corner, how could you have caused the people’s distrust and disappointment like this! Because of this, there is inevitably a voice within the party saying, “The leadership ruins the election.”

It is highly probable that the ‘degeneration of intelligence’ is a curse of a gigantic inflated greed. Looking at their careers, isn’t that the reason why decent people denounced ‘Professor Lee’ as ‘Mom’ and ‘3M Korea’ as ‘Someone’? It is difficult to see that it is a normal reaction to give a gibberish admonition and then threatened to say, “Are you sarcastic?” in response to the answer “I will write well”. It was their own actions, but it is not considered a personal matter. This is probably one aspect of the collective desensitization caused by a huge body.

In order to prevent the deterioration of intelligence, a diet of power, size, and organization is desperately needed. Now, the Democratic Party seems to be anxious about losing the local elections, but it is time to realize that defeat can be an elixir. Don’t just try to refute it by reflexively expressing displeasure… .


Written by Lee Jin-gon Journalist, former editor-in-chief of Kookmin Ilbo

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