Democrats raised their troops to fight the last curve, pushing “Isarapong” No. 1 to win the Chumphon MPs.

Today (14 Jan) Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit Party Leader, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce led the army Democratic Party Up to the final big speech to campaign for votes in Election of MPs, District 1, Chumphon Province to Mr. Isarapong Makampai or “Tart” Candidate No. 1, the Democratic Party, in Mueang District, Chumphon Province, at Sanam Na Stage, Chumphon Provincial Administrative Organization, with people’s brothers and sisters attending to hear the speeches.

Mr. Jurin addressed in one part that Arrived at the last corner today. If running a thousand meters, go 980 meters, only 20 meters left, will reach the finish line. There are runners in that number, number 1 “Issarapong Makampai” Democrats also competed. In the past, there were numbers, dots, dots, dots, came to a campaign speech to tell the people in the south of our country that how to choose a representative must choose a good family and have money. Choosing a representative, if we are interested in choosing someone who has money The town was not going anywhere. Next, the House of Representatives will become the House of Millionaires. Where will the poor like us live? And who represents the poor like us? who will be the people House of Representatives If only the rich would become the Billionaires Council. Then why protect the interests of our people?

Therefore, the idea of ​​reading to encourage brothers and sisters to choose only the rich is wrong. and is considered a change of governance from a democratic regime to a monarchy is seeing big money which is something that cannot be supported The election of representatives must be based on the qualifications, suitability and ideology of candidates and political parties. not chosen because of money

Democratic Party Leader Also mentions the income insurance scheme. which is considered a work that is clearly visible and concrete along with giving a speech expressing concern about the use of state power From the news that there were people of color hanging around in the elections in District 1, Chumphon Province, I would like the brothers and sisters to realize that the use of state power is valid. but must be used in a favorable way for the benefit of the people For example, the issue of ordering to solve the problems of rubber farmers, palm plantations, orchards, to solve the problems of the people’s brothers and sisters, which is considered a legitimate use of power. but if it is the use of state power in an unfavorable way It’s something we shouldn’t support and it’s illegal, especially electoral law.

Democrats raised their troops to fight the last curve, pushing

“One of the people thought to be representatives. If one counts from breaking the law So how do we go about relying on people like this in the future? This is where the political parties come in. Some parties announced that this election Chumphon can’t lose anyway. But the word can’t be defeated The more it reflects that there will be every effort to be made. right or wrong I wish you victory in the election. which is what Chumphon people in our country The people in the south of our house will not be able to accept it.” Democratic Party Leader reiterate

Mr. Jurin said that the important thing in this election to repair Chumphon Democrats have to fight 3 things 1. We must fight against the power of money, 2. We must fight against the power of the state, and 3. We must fight against political injustice. Today, a reporter asked if the government was going to collapse because the coalition government came to compete with each other. He replied that he could not answer whether it was broken or not. But said that this story had already warned that if today the Democratic Party is the axis of the government The ruling coalition lost its seats, requiring elections to be restored. We will not send Democratic people to compete. because it does not help the government get anything better Whether the coalition government, Party 1 or Party 2 won the election, the votes of the government’s MPs remained the same. not worth it but created discord with each other without political necessity but arrived at this minute what Democrats think Democracy has always been a staple for a long time. It doesn’t follow that anymore. but all this I do not blame the political parties that are sent to compete because they are considered political rights and some political parties may be born. may also understand that democracy Understand that politics is a matter of hands. Long women get young.

Democrats raised their troops to fight the last curve, pushing

“Some political parties think that political morality Working together in a coalition may not be necessary. saying all this not for fear of losing that friends send to compete, no matter what party Because elections do not win or lose. There is no draw, but I tell my brothers and sisters. I pity baby bear I feel pity for Baby Bear who has to sit in tears. Baby Bear has devoted his life to fight against inaccuracies until the political future is cut off causing some parties to raise their heads to overflowing power Being a government today But in a few days my friends know it all. Just the same chair of Luk Mee. Still following me With the goodness of the young bear, he still forgets. And the black-eyed brothers and sisters like us have already voted. Will he forget in the future?” Democratic Party leader said

Mr. Jurin concluded that this election Besides Chumphon people Democrats also have to contend with money power, state power, and political ethics. So asked the brothers and sisters to vote. “Nong Tart” Isarapong Makampai No. 1 of the Democrat Party because I want to see Chumphon people restore justice to “Chumphon Julsai” Our baby bear would like to see the Chumphon people return their dignity to the Chumphon people together. And it’s not just to restore justice to the Chumphon fighters and the Democratic Party. but also to return the future to politics, morality has a future

Democrats raised their troops to fight the last curve, pushing

for the final big speech The Democratic Party has brought a large army of generals to the stage in a crowd consisting of Mr. Banyat Norm Former Democratic Party leader Sakorn is involved in a Krabi MP. Mr. Chaichana Dechdecho MP Nakhon Si Thammarat Deputy party secretary-general Theerachat Pangwirunrat, Chumphon MP, Praprakob Ratanaphan, Nakhon Si Thammarat MP, Dr. Pimrapee Phanwichatkul, Krabi MP. Mr. Sathit Wongnongtoey Member of the National Assembly for Trang, Miss Nan Boonthida Somchai, Member of Parliament for Ubon Ratchathani Miss Phimphatra Wichaikul, MP Nakhon Si Thammarat Dr. Trairong Suwankhiri Along with many other party’s MP candidates joining in to cheer on candidate No. 1 Mr. Isarapong Makampai to join together to invite the people of Chumphon Province went to use the right to vote on January 16, enter the Gaber 1 booth, Democrat

side Mrs. Darunwan Chanphiphatnachai Deputy spokesman for the Democrat Party said that Mr. Jurin and his team will use time to help campaign for Mr. Isarapong. Fully throughout both days, 14-15 January 2022, to ask for the opportunity from the people’s brothers and sisters to support the party’s candidates. is Mr. Isarapong new generation of young people And the next day, they will walk all day campaigning in Mueang District, Chumphon Province.

“The applicant’s strengths are being a new generation of young people with potential, knowledge, readiness and willingness to work in politics. Having experience in working in local politics, hence he has a good understanding of the problems in the area. because he was always in the area If they are entrusted to represent the people’s brothers and sisters So you can be confident that you can start working right away.” Mrs. Darunwan said



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