DeNA Dora 1 Kenta Kozono has a uniform number “18” Dora 2 Souma Tokuyama has “15” … New players announced | Full-Count

Dora 3 Awaihara is “33”, Dora 4 Miura Gin is “30”

On the 3rd, DeNA announced the new members of the 2022 team at a hotel in Yokohama. Pitcher Kenta Kozono (Wakayama High School), who ranked first in the draft, has a uniform number of “18”. It inherits the “Yokohama number” that director Daisuke Miura had attached during his active career.

Director Miura was wearing it from 1998 to 2016 when he was active. In 2017 and 2018, it was a semi-permanent absence, and it was reattached from 2019, when he was a pitcher coach and 2nd army coach, to last season, and changed to “81” this season. The commander said, “I haven’t thrown No. 18 on the mound. It shines because I throw it. It’s best to attach it to the players.”

Pitcher Souma Tokuyama (Waseda Univ.) In 2nd place in the draft is “15”, Ryunosuke Awaihara infielder (Tokyo Gakkan High School) in 3rd place is “33”, and Pitcher Ginji Miura (Hosei University) in 4th place is “30”. “. Pitcher Fukasawa Hosuke (Senshu University Matsudo High School) in 5th place was decided to be “43”, and outfielder Kajiwara Kajiwara (Kanagawa University) in 6th place was decided to be “58”.

Outfielder Nagi Murakawa (Shikoku IL Tokushima), who is ranked first in training, is “103”, catcher Naoya Higashide (Komatsu Otani Takashi), who is ranked second, is “104”, and outfielder Taketaka Ohashi (BC League Ibaraki), who is ranked third. Was decided to be “105”.

[Video]Dora 1, Kenta Kozono is a special movie that announces the uniform number of a new member released by “18” DeNA carried by Director Miura.



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