DeNA Miura, who has won three consecutive victories with a reliever of confidence. ERA 0.00 Confidence in the combination “Standing well” | Full-Count

The starting pitcher Onuki of 1 goal was changed 5 times with 73 balls.

■ DeNA 3-1 Yakult (20th, Yokohama)

On the 20th, DeNA, who was in 5th place in the league, won the game against Yakult at Yokohama Stadium, which is the home base, 3-1 and won 3 consecutive victories. After starting pitcher Shinichi Ohnuki dropped out with one goal in the fifth inning, he was able to survive with a five-pitcher no-goal relay. Pitcher Hiromu Ise in the third year has no runs in 20 games this season, and has hit 0 in the last 11 games. Shingo Hirata, a 32-year-old pitcher in the ninth year, has no runs in 10 games this season. Pitcher Kazuki Mishima, who held back last season, is being deregistered due to his right shoulder, but the good relief team who can send out with confidence is trying to push the team to the top.

In the first run, Kuwahara, Soto, and Maki doubled to score three points, but they couldn’t score additional points after the second. “The relief team was so good at it,” said Daisuke Miura.

At the end of the 5th inning, he led 3-1 and 2 points. Onuki, the starting pitcher, put together 4 hits and 1 walk, and although the number of balls was only 73, the commander chose to relieve. “It wasn’t the original control of Onuki. I think I stepped on well in that, and (catcher) Minei also helped with the lead and pitching,” he said, calmly assembling the subsequent reliever with a good relief team. rice field.

“Both of us aren’t thinking about increasing the number of consecutive runs.”

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