DeNA Soto & Escobar & Romero come to Japan PCR test is negative … Scheduled to join during the quarantine period | Full-Count

Negative test for both before leaving Japan and when arriving in Japan

DeNA announced on the 15th that Fernando Romero, Edwin Escobar and Neftali Soto infielder have arrived in Japan on the 14th. It is said that the three athletes underwent a PCR test for the new coronavirus before leaving Japan and when they arrived in Japan, and all of them received a negative test. In the future, we plan to join the team after the quarantine period.

Romero is in Japan for the second year. He pitched in 14 games last season, marking 5 wins and 3 losses and an earned run average of 3.01. Escobar, which is in its sixth year at DeNA, is expected to make a full turn at the relay this season as well. Soto, who has reached his fifth year, is aiming for a comeback like 2018 and 19 when he won the home run king.

While the infection of the Omicron strain is spreading rapidly in Japan, Dayan Viciedo infielder of Chunichi has received a positive test in the PCR test when he came to Japan in other teams.

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