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Denis Villeneuve’s new film ‘Dune’ special video released | HYPEBEAST.KR

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<시카리오: 암살자들의 도시>, <컨택트>A new film from director Denis Villeneuve of <듄>prior to the opening of <하입비스트>will release a solo video. Sci-fi fantasy set in 10191 <듄>The film depicts the process of the prophet Paul (Timothy Chalamet), who is destined to save the entire universe, and enters into a battle to the death for possession of Arakis, the only source of ‘Spice’, the most expensive material and resource in the universe. .

This work was made in 1984. <듄> Since then, it has attracted great attention as a new work in the Dune series to be released after 37 years, including director Denis Villeneuve and world-famous composer Hans Zimmer, Timothy Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, and Dave Batista. It is also attracting attention as a luxurious cast member.

<하입비스트>In the ‘sandworm video’, which was first released through The video begins with a dialogue between the characters preparing to fly. The warning that it is dangerous because it falls into the sandworm area in case of a fall heralds the appearance of a terrifying creature and a spectacular action scene. movie <듄>will be released in theaters nationwide on October 20. The exclusive public video can be found below.

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