Dentist Lee Soo-jin’s confession ‘Neat daughter divorced’

Dentist Lee Soo-jin’s confession ‘Neat daughter divorced’

YouTuber and dentist Lee Soo-jin confessed her personal difficulties.

On the 15th episode of Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’, which was broadcast on January 14, Lee Su-jin, a dentist from S University and the strongest influencer at the age of 53, appeared.

On this day, Sujin Lee mentioned about her 20-year-old daughter. Lee Soo-jin’s daughter gave up college and was not doing anything while not working. Sujin Lee expressed her concerns by mentioning her daughter’s dropout from middle school. The daughter who announced her intention to drop out when she was in the third year of middle school turned 20, but still does not do anything.

Lee Soo-jin took it for granted that her daughter was receiving living expenses from her mother, but she said, “After my mother died, they said that I would jump in a second.” I saw Tyler telling her daughter, ‘Your earning is important’, but when the answer came back, Sujin Lee was also deeply troubled as a mother.

Sujin Lee said that her daughter, who is a NEET (a young unemployed young man who has no work and no will) and a kangaroo, has already missed many opportunities. In the second year of middle school, there was a creator’s agency that said that they would invest 200 million won to grow their daughter into a creator, but the daughter said that she had a bad reaction.

He also received a love call from a large agency that made a famous girl group, but he was kicking the opportunity with his own feet in an unmotivated manner, such as not memorizing the lyrics.

Oh Eun-young said, “Jenna seems to have learned helplessness. If she is shocked and thinks she can’t do anything, she just lets go.”

Lee Soo-jin said, “I became seriously ill in middle school. I think I was in puberty since elementary school. When I was in 4th grade, I asked about my father for the first time. I told him frankly. Because of that, I thought he would resent me for living patiently, and I said that it would not be good to raise you in such an environment.”

Oh Eun-young said, “On the surface, it seems that you understand your mother.” Lee Su-jin said, “Even my father said that he wanted to try soybean paste stew with his family at least once.”

Meanwhile, Lee Soo-jin was born in 1969 and is 53 years old. The owner of an incredible age, graduated from a famous university, is a dentist and YouTuber. He has about 160,000 subscribers and has a history of working as a writer.

My grandfather is an oriental doctor and my father is a surgeon, and I am a third-generation doctor. He had a history of divorce, and after dating a 27-year-old younger man, he broke up with his daughter’s objection.

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