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Department of Corrections reveals 45 new inmates infected with COVID-19, 2 deaths

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27 June 2021


“Department of Corrections” reveals 45 more inmates infected with Covid-19, 2 deaths, 87 percent recovered. Many red prison statuses are expected to be reduced in early July.

On June 27, 2021 at 1:00 PM, Mr. Ayut Sinthapphan, Director-General of the Department of Corrections Reveal the epidemic situation of viral infectious diseaseCovid-19 in prisons and correctional institutions (data as of
June 26, 2021 at 4 p.m.) There are 45 new infected inmates, 225 recovered, 2 dead. As a result, there are 4,377 infected inmates who are still in the care of the Department of Corrections.

The epidemic situation today There are 126 white prisons without epidemic, a decrease.
1 from the detection of infected inmates from Nakhon Pathom Central Prison As a result, the number of red prisons found in the outbreak rose to 13, with confirmed cases reported today. It was an infection from the inner border of the Red Prison, numbering 42, and the infection was detected in the quarantine room, 3 new inmates from Chiang Mai Central Prison, 2 and Pathum Thani Central Detention Center, 1 case, while the number of patients who have recovered. more than new infections A total of 31,325 cumulative cured patients, or 87% of cumulative patients.

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Mr. Ayut added that The trend of the situation from now on The number of infected people is expected to improve everywhere. both new infected and cured Especially the number of new infections in Bangkok and its vicinity has decreased. There is an increase in the number of cured infections. Currently, there are several prisons/privileges where almost all of the inner territories can be restored to sterile territory. And fewer than 50 of the infected remain, who are expected to be cured until they are fully recovered and undergo degradation from prison.

can be red in early July especially the Bangkok Special Prison Nonthaburi Provincial Prison and Songkhla Provincial Prison that no new infected people have been found for more than 10 days, however, although the situation is beginning to unfold in many areas But still have to follow the measures to prevent the spread of viral infections.Covid-19 strictly and always intensively cautiously at every point

for 2 deathstoday first He is a 65-year-old male inmate from Bang Kwang Central Prison. He was treated at the Correctional Institution at Correctional Hospital. X-ray revealed pneumonia in both sides. Doctors treated Favipiravir Dexamethasone. high level antibiotic anticoagulants and high concentration of oxygen Later, an increase in pneumonia was found. Physicians discuss treatment guidelines with relatives of patients to consider conservative treatment during critical periods and reject tracheal intubation. Until on June 25, the patient collapsed, his blood pressure dropped and he later died.

Part 2 He is a 59-year-old male inmate at Chachoengsao Central Prison. have congenital disease, diabetes, chronic renal failure high blood pressure received treatment at Phutthasothon Hospital Tiredness, rapid breathing, little urine output with low blood oxygen levels While on dialysis, he had hypotension. X-ray showed more pneumonia. more tired The doctors coordinated the relatives to plan the treatment. consider symptomatic drug treatment and refused intubation Due to the critical condition and having many congenital diseases until his death on June 26, 2021


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