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Bangkok, 19 Aug.-Department of Disease Control Warn people in all areas hand hygiene Because it is an important intermediary to infect and infect others, repeat the use of “soap – 70% alcohol” to wash your hands often, causing the covids to die. Cut the life cycle, the infection does not spread

Dr. Opas Karn Kawinpong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Ministry of Health gave an interview that Covid-19 epidemic situation In August this is still in an uptrend. The daily number of new cases continues to exceed 20,000, the vast majority being COVID-19. Delta strains. The virus is released through secretions such as droplets or sputum of infected and symptomatic patients. This strain is highly contagious for a short period of time. And it spreads faster than other strains of COVID-19. One infected person can infect others. Near the next 6-8 people and continue to expand more, which most people do not have immunity to this disease.

Dr. Opas went on to say that The most effective way to prevent infection right now Ask people in all areas to reduce the risk of getting infected. by refraining from going out as much as possible not close to each other Refrain from participating in all kinds of activities. Do not share meals with others Maintain cleanliness of homes Open the door and window of the house to let the air circulate. Use rubbing alcohol or disinfectant to clean devices or common touch points, such as door keys. door handle refrigerator door Various remote controls, etc., along with intensive self-defense is to wear a mask to cover the nose and mouth at all times. The mask will be like a shield to prevent the spread of COVID-19. enter the respiratory system and having to wash hands frequently Which is very important in the fight against this virus. by the results of the investigation of the disease in patients / infected with COVID-19 The main cause of infection was found to be caused by touch. Therefore, hands are another important intermediary for both getting infected with COVID-19. come to yourself and infect others Hand washing is a very good way to rule out the spread. It can help reduce the number of infected people. The more you reduce This will allow us to control and end the overall outbreak faster.

In the field of female doctor Piyanit. Thammaphon Philat Expert, Department of Disease Control He added that hand washing is the national weapon used to destroy the virus. The more severe the epidemic Please look at both hands and things. that we will grab no security need to wash hands often before and after touching things before eating After going to the bathroom, after coughing, sneezing, a hand washing method recognized worldwide is effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. All species have 2 methods. The first method is washing with soap and water. Both bar and liquid soap can be used. The effect of the soap will destroy the fat sheath that covers the COVID-19 virus, causing the infection to become ineffective and unable to reproduce. is to cut the infection cycle By washing and bleaching soap all over the palm, the back of the palm, between the fingers, the back of the hand, the thumb, the fingernail, around the wrist should be slowly rubbing for 20 seconds or more to be effective. After washing your hands, dry your hands with a clean cloth or tissue before touching your body or handling something.

“Using to wash your hands with soap is to rub your hands back and forth quickly and rinse them with water. Or use plain water to wash your hands only. It’s not enough to get rid of germs from the palm. cannot prevent infection,” said Dr. Piyanit.

Dr. Piyanit continued that Method 2, washing with alcohol with a concentration of 70% or more can kill all strains of COVID-19. The infection will die immediately. The important thing is to use it while your hands are dry. and not contaminated with other dirt stains Using alcohol with wet hands will dilute the effect of alcohol until the virus can’t be killed People can use it in many forms, such as alcohol gel, alcohol spray. Using about 10 cc. of alcohol, rub the palm all over the back of the hand, the crotch of the fingers and the area under the nails for 15-25 seconds, or use an alcohol pad or wet tissue with 70% alcohol. Up, wipe over palms, crotch of fingers, fingernails, backs of hands, and let the palm alcohol evaporate dry on its own. No need to wipe or rinse with water again. To maintain the efficiency of alcohol.-Thai News Agency

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