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Department of Highways aims to invest 1.9 billion to cut new roads Connecting Krabi-Phang Nga reduce travel time support tourism in the south

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Department of Highways designed a new highway linking Krabi-Phang-nga provinces. main line network out-out Reduce travel time Promote the economy and tourism in the southern region

The Department of Highways has conducted a survey and design project for the construction of a new 4-lane highway, a new highway between Plai Phrayao District, Krabi Province – Thap Put District, Phang Nga Province, because at present, the use of this route still lacks the main highway network connecting it. in the east-west line This makes traveling and transporting goods uncomfortable. have to travel long distances Moreover, most of the current network is a secondary highway with two traffic lanes through hilly and hilly areas. resulting in frequent accidents

The Department of Highways recognizes the importance of designing a new highway construction project. To be a connection between Highway 44 in the area of ​​Plai Phraya District, Krabi Province to Thap Put District, Phang Nga Province, connected to Highway No. 4, as well as being part of the network that connects to Highway 44, Krabi – Khanom. This will be a shortcut to travel between Phang Nga and Krabi provinces. That will help facilitate and increase the speed of traveling to various provinces in the south, covering 3 districts in 2 provinces, namely Plai Phraya District and Ao Luek District, Krabi Province and Thap Put District, Phang Nga Province.

The starting point of the project is on Highway No. 44, approximately at km. 29+738 (Southern Road), in the area of ​​Ban Khok Chiak, Plai Phraya District, Krabi Province. southwest Detour down to the south of Khao Bang Muay It cuts through the palm plantation area and Highway 4035 (Ao Luek-Phra Saeng Road) at Ban Pak Nam. Cut through the road to the entrance to Klong Ya Reservoir around Khao Kho Kao Rong Passing through the area of ​​Ban Pak Ya, Ban Si Phraya and Ban Kuan Sian Cut through the rural road No. KB 1015 around Ban Chong Bak. Cut around the south side of Wat Khao Hua Sing. Passing through Na Nuea Subdistrict area around Ban Bang Sai and Khao Yai Subdistrict Ban Thung Sung area

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cut a detour to the north of Wat Na Nuea Cut through Highway No. 4040 (Na Nuea – Pak Lao Road) to meet with the route line of the Thap Put bypass project belonging to the future project of the Department of Highways that has been surveyed and designed in detail. Ban Sai Siet area It has a distance of about 26 kilometers and the construction budget is approximately 1,900 million baht. The project has been issued. Land expropriation Act in 2020, currently in the process of arranging land ownership. And there is a plan to start construction in 2022 and the construction is expected to be completed in 2025.

For the road layout, it is a 4 lane round-trip road, 3.5 meters wide per lane, 2.5 meters wide outside shoulders, 1.5 meters wide inside shoulders, divided traffic direction by a depressed median island with a general road boundary. 60 meters wide. At the U-turn point under the bridge, there is a parallel path that defines a 90 meter path. At the intersection, there will be a wider area than the normal range according to the geometry and the safe view distance of the road. separate which in the design was considered in accordance with the terrain that the route cuts through

For the design of intersections along the route consists of The intersection of the project road with Highway No. 44 at km. 0+000 (project starting point) Highway No. 4035 at km. 5+490 Highway No. 4 at km. 22+233 Highway No. 4040 (formerly) at km 25+561

When the construction project is completed, it will facilitate and increase the speed of traveling to the provinces of the south, raising the safety standard. increase the efficiency of transportation It is also another way to support the economic development and tourism of the area and the country.

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