Home News Deputy Governor inspects hotels before opening in Chiang Mai on Nov 1, plans to add more beds in the hospital.

Deputy Governor inspects hotels before opening in Chiang Mai on Nov 1, plans to add more beds in the hospital.

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30 Oct. 2021 09:08 a.m.

Deputy Governor visits the area to inspect famous hotels in Chiang Mai See the city’s readiness to open to tourists on Nov 1, while plans are being made to provide enough beds to accommodate the growing number of coronavirus patients. and the quarantine point for patients showing no symptoms

On the evening of yesterday (29 Oct. 64) Mr. Ratthaphon Naradisorn, Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai. with Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Officers along with related sectors Visited the Rati Lanna Riverside Spa Resort Chiang Mai to check the readiness to open the city for tourists “CHARMING Chiangmai” after the government announced the country’s opening on November 1, starting with the testing process with ATK and RT-PCR Test

In this regard, Mrs. Lamai Bungsrithong, President of the Northern Thai Hotels Association with hotel staff to welcome you By taking a look at the preventive measures since entering the door, there is a temperature check. Register through the app by scanning CM-WIN or entering the logbook on your journey to the hotel. including alcohol gel wear a mask and advise tourists who come to stay in the measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus strictly

Mr. Rattaphol Naradisorn, deputy governor of Chiang Mai, revealed that from visiting the area, most of the establishments have SHA and SHA+ standards. Employees who provide services have been vaccinated against COVID-19. and has complied with the measures of the Ministry of Public Health by tourists traveling into Chiang Mai If you are a Thai person, you must be fully vaccinated according to the number of vaccinations prescribed by the Ministry of Public Health. or have tested negative for COVID for at least 72 hours, or have contracted COVID-19. It has been less than 3 months. As for tourists who have passed measures from other provinces such as Phuket Sand Box and are those who travel from 46 countries in low-risk groups according to the announcement of Prof. If the results of the Covid-19 test with RT- The first PCR was negative. can travel in the area

Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Province said that the bed management of Chiang Mai at the moment through the Communicable Disease Committee, Chiang Mai Province and disease control operations centers in every district has been carried out rigorously Either finding a quarantine point or Community Isolation : CI to isolate a group of infected but asymptomatic patients. At the same time, the orange bed was adjusted to the red bed. and adjust the field hospital from supporting green bed patients to accommodate patients with yellow beds To increase the number of hospital beds remaining in addition to the administrative, public health and local government organizations. has expedited the blockade of risk areas for rapid disease control in accordance with the reception of tourists

However, from the inquiry of many enterprises Found that during the past 4 days of holiday, there are many tourists from the provinces traveling to Chiang Mai. and is expected after the opening of tourists There will be more money in the economy.

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