“Deputy Joke” believes that people close to him know where “Nong Tor” has gone, angering the local police who delayed the case.

MGR Online – The Deputy Chief of Police believes that people close to him will know where “Nong Tor”, an 8-month-old boy, has gone missing, accusing the local police of delaying the cause.

Today (February 15) at 10:30 am, the Royal Thai Police spoke Pol Gen. Surachate Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, about the progress in the case of Nong Tor, 8 months old, missing in Bang Len District, Nakhon Pathom Province, that relevant officers are still in the process. We are not sure if the child is still alive or not, but we believe that these two couples know for sure where the child has gone.

“Many of the issues are being raised at the moment. Both for hurting their own children. The two are arguing. The story is that this child may not be the child of this father who is currently undergoing a DNA test. We will unravel the truth about this matter,” said the deputy police commissioner.

Pol Gen said. Sure you have to ask for a complaint in the area How could 8 days have passed? Not having to wait for the police to order. Not released for 8 days, no evidence of anything, must let the police go down, if in the area, then you must give The police go down like this You don’t have to wait is the director of the area Provincial Director of Investigations Knowing that the missing child was a problem, he had to go down and see. There is no need for the deputy commissioner of police to order Then why would there be a rest house?


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