Deputy plum fighting against the leader of the pack!! Check in on Everton vs Arsenal on Saturday

Everton’s “Blue Toffee” in a behind-the-scenes situation. who need a win to escape the danger zone Prepare to open the house against the leader of the “big guns” Arsenal who also need 3 points to score a second escape.

This week’s Premier League football battle has many interesting fixtures. One of them is the meeting between “Blue Toffee” Everton open house vs. “canon” Arsenal Saturday evening, February 4, at 7:30 pmbroadcast live via Arsenal fans , Everton supporters club , Real Premier 1 Soccer , Real Premier Soccer 2

This pair, although the results and positions of the two teams are as far apart as the sky and the abyss, with Everton being the bottom team while Arsenal are at the top of the crowd. but believe that the game will definitely be intense and exciting Because the defenders are preparing to start the first game of the new manager’s army Sean Dyche who took the position of Frank Lampard and was not sure that “the coach changed the ball” could surprise the fans.

On the Arsenal side, Gunners fans have a chance to see Jorginho The new midfielder made his debut after only joining Chelsea. In this game, the artillery army wants to win, not lose to the hosts because nowThey are a point away from second place. Manchester City 5 points, so if the invasion wins away from Goodison Park, Arsenal will immediately leave 8 points away and increase the pressure on the blue yacht team. who will attack Spurs on Sunday February 5

Everton vs Arsenal

The performance of the last 5 games


  • 21/01/23 defeated West Ham 0-2 (away) in the Premier League
  • 14/01/23 defeat Southampton 1-2 (home) Premier League
  • 07/01/23 lost to Manchester United 1-3 (away) FA Cup
  • 04/01/23 defeat Brighton 1-4 (home) Premier League
  • 31/12/22 All Time Man City 1-1 (away) Premier League


  • 28/01/22 lost to Man City 0-1 (away) FA Cup
  • 22/01/23 Manchester United won 3-2 (home) Premier League
  • 15/01/23 Spurs won 2-0 (away) in the Premier League
  • 10/01/23 Oxford United won the FA Cup 3-0 (away).
  • 04/03/23 Always Newcastle 0-0 (home) Premier League

Statistics for the last 5 games

  • 17/07/22 Arsenal won Everton 2- 0: warm-up
  • 22/05/22 Arsenal beat Everton 5-1: Premier League
  • 07/12/21 Everton defeat Arsenal 2-1: Premier League
  • 24/04/21 Arsenal lose 0-1 to Everton: Premier League
  • 20/12/20 Everton beat Arsenal 2-1: Premier League

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