Deputy Prime Minister Orders Precautions as Flooding Worsens in Sukhothai Province

Deputy Prime Minister Urges Immediate Action to Tackle Flooding Crisis in Sukhothai

Government officials are on high alert as the flood situation worsens in Sukhothai Province, with Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin holding urgent discussions on the matter. Following his visit to the affected area on October 2, he expressed grave concerns regarding the lack of dam infrastructure along the Yom River, which he believes is exacerbating the situation. Stressing the need for a permanent solution to the recurring flooding problem, the deputy prime minister has ordered the governors of Sukhothai and Phrae provinces to take swift and effective precautions.

A Dire Situation Requires Immediate Action

Sukhothai Province, known for its vast agricultural lands, has been hit hard by the relentless floods. The absence of dams along the Yom River means that any additional rainfall only aggravates the already dire situation. With a staggering flow rate of 400 cubic meters per second, the Yom River poses a significant threat not only to Sukhothai but also to the surrounding provinces of Kamphaeng Phet, Phayao, and Phrae. The resulting overflow has led to extensive damage, affecting over 4,000 families and more than 100,000 plots of agricultural land.

To mitigate the impact of the floods, the deputy prime minister has mandated the governors of Phrae and Sukhothai provinces to implement preventative measures. However, the situation remains precarious should further water be added to the already inundated region. Despite efforts to contain the flooding, the Yom River has breached four barriers, redirecting the flow towards Uttaradit Province.

A Call for Long-Term Solutions

Recognizing the urgent need for permanent solutions, all provinces surrounding Sukhothai have initiated water release measures. The current flood situation, while not as severe as the devastating 2011 floods, serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of the Yom River basin. It is evident that the absence of dams exacerbates the damage inflicted each year.

Working towards a comprehensive remedy, strategic efforts are underway to construct weirs along the right bank of the Yom River. These long-term solutions aim to curtail the annual flooding that wreaks havoc on Sukhothai and its neighboring provinces.

In the face of this ongoing crisis, the authorities comprehend the urgency and necessity of implementing sustainable flood control measures. With the livelihoods of thousands of people at stake, finding a lasting solution is of paramount importance.

“Somsak” ordered the governors of Sukhothai and Phrae to take precautions, fearing that additional water would definitely have an additional effect, stressing that the Yom River is the only one without a dam. A permanent solution to the flooding problem must be found.

3 October 2023 – At 8:30 am in Government House, Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, Deputy Prime Minister. Discussing the flood situation in Sukhothai Province after visiting the area on October 2, he said that the reservoirs and dams are currently holding more than 50 percent of water. The central region still has problems. . It is an area that must be monitored and monitored. Because the Yom River is the only river that does not have a dam to support it. Thus causing the water to overflow. Because the mass of the flowing water is as high as 400 cubic meters per second. When rain falls on the Yom River, no matter what province it passes through, there will be problems. Sukhothai province is considered to be the most affected. Because it is a pan, when water from Kamphaeng Phet, Phayao, and Phrae provinces overflow, it will flow into Sukhothai Province. After 2 days, the damage in Sukhothai Province has doubled. More than 100,000 plots of agricultural land were damaged and more than 4,000 families were affected, and the governors of Phrae and Sukhothai provinces were ordered to take preventive measures. But if water is still added to the area, it will have an effect. The water has already flowed through the barriers in 4 places, causing an impact in Sukhothai Province, but now the water has flowed in another direction. That is, it drains towards Uttaradit Province, where the Yom-Nan Canal Improvement Project, Sukhothai Province, is not yet completed but can be carried out. By trying to let go completely.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that all provinces around Sukhothai have no problems with water release. This time the amount of water was not as heavy as in 2011 with damage of 1.4 trillion baht, but because the Yom River had no dams. causing damage every year All governments understand that the solutions will be permanent. But now on the right bank of the Yom River Work is being done on the weir. to solve long-term problems

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