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Deputy Superintendent Ron Phibun surrenders himself after being accused Kill two couples in Trang

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28 Oct. 2021 20:10

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Ron Phibun police station, along with Dod surrendered after being accused of shooting dead a couple in Trang province, searched the house, found an M16 gun, still denied.

From the case on Oct. 27, officers of the Election Commission of Police Sonthi, together with the Provincial Police Region 9, arrested Chamni Chamnankit, 45 years old, village headman, Village No. 2, Kaew Saen Subdistrict, Nabon District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. At homes in the area Nakhon Si Thammarat province, after becoming one of the three suspects in the case of jointly firing a gun in a war, shot and killed Mr. Werayut Khun-In and his wife, the incident occurred on Petchkasem Road. In front of the Ban Khuan Mao Gamecock Stadium, Village No. 2, Khuan Mao Subdistrict, Ratsada District, Trang Province, on Sept. 9, there are still two remaining suspects involved in the attack. During the follow-up to prosecute As has already been presented,

The progress of the case At about 3:00 p.m. on October 28, at the Nakorn Si Thammarat Provincial Police Commissioner’s Office. Lt. Col. Waritthorn Prasitchaichan, Deputy Superintendent of Police Ronpiboon, 48 years old, Deputy Superintendent of Investigations Ron Phibun Police Station Nakhon Si Thammarat Province and Mr. Jirasak Klubkhan, 58, two suspects under the arrest warrants of the Trang Provincial Court Nos. 269 and 270/2564, dated October 27, 2021, respectively, for “encouraging others to commit crimes”. Jointly killing others with premise, together attempting to kill others with premise, together with firearms and ammunition that the registrar can’t issue a license to, together bringing weapons to towns, villages, or publicly by no reason and firing guns using explosives without incident in cities, villages or public gatherings” came to report to Pol Col. Superintendent of Sor.SorSor.Sor.Sor.Sor.Sor.Sor.Sor.Sor.Sor.Sor.Sor.Sor.Sor.Sor.S.S.S.S.S.3, S.K.S. Police Station 9 Pol.Col.Banpot Dejma, Supervisor of Sor.Sor.Sor.2, Supervisor of Sor.Sor.P.9 Pol.Col. Thanawat Sengsui. Superintendent of Police, Songkhla Province

From the interrogation of the two accused Initially denied throughout the allegations. But the officials are still not convinced Therefore, the allegations were filed under the arrest warrant before the two were sent to the Ratsada Police Station for further legal action.

for Lt. Col. Waritthorn is considered an important suspect in such cases because they are in conflict with the deceased directly from personal matters that had previously had a disagreement In addition, from the search of the residence of Lt. Col. Waritthorn Officers also confiscated an M16 firearm and ammunition. in the possession of the accused to prove that it was the same gun used in the crime or not

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