Deputy Thanukiat insists SAT is not a paper tiger, has km ready to blame ‘failing sports’

Deputy Thanukiat insists SAT is not a paper tiger, has km ready to blame ‘failing sports’

After the case of locking competition results in Thai sports In the past, there was news about falling boxing. including locking football scores And the latest in the battle of the Thailand Basketball League, or “TBL 2021” that has hit the club’s executives. after having inappropriate behavior implied in relation to the locking of the results of the competition Amid criticism from basketball fans with gambling in the industry over the past several seasons;

“Rong Noi” Mr. Thanukiat Chanchum, Deputy Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), for professional sports and boxing, revealed that SAT continues to tackle wrongdoing in Thai professional sports. which has the Boxing Sport Act B.E. 2542 and the Professional Sports Promotion Act B.E. 2556 (2013) to punish offenders in professional sports By many people may think that SAT may be just a paper tiger, but it’s not. We have a law to protect it.

“The Boxing Sport Act 1999 has been used continuously. There are many cases that are not news. Finally, the court ordered the punishment according to the law after there was clear evidence. And there are many cases that have already become cases. In some cases the head of the camp is ignorant. In some cases it is the one who ordered it. We try to create a good conscience for boxers or sports people by making professional sports the whitest sport.”

Mr. Thanukiat added that for professional football The Professional Sports Promotion Act 2013 will be able to go into details in examining the financial path. Or wiretapping or not depends on the investigating officer who has legal authority. Or people in professional football have clear evidence. in order to blame for falling off the ball or lock the score

“The fall of the basketball league The department in charge called the team manager involved in the news to provide information. If there is the same evidence as in the case of Fah Wan Mai, Chor Thaiset can handle it, but in fact, there are many such things in the professional sports industry. But in the end, the story is not over. because there is no evidence Or trying to find evidence, but there is none,” said Rong Noi.


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