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‘Der-Dearna-Parit’ throws a full-flavored drama in the drama ‘Help Me, Khun Phi Help Me’

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Monday 18 October 2021, 4:02 PM.

Prepare for family criteria. Turn on the screen on Channel 3 to sit and laugh mixed with drama in the taste of entertainment that is easily understood in the drama. Help Me, Khun Phee, help me” work fromTV Scene and Picture Co., Ltd.the craftsmanship of the organizer“Pin Natthanan” and director “Fuse Kittisak”I must say that this camp “TV Scene” full, pulling the leading actors with extraordinary skills such as handsome men“De, I’m Twitch”Who is ready to make a laugh from the audience to turn the role of a full-on ghost for the first time named “Anon” A former stuntman who died prematurely. And the excitement of this drama does not end here. because in the story there is also a cute girl“Dearna Flipo”to have to turn the big character in the role“sympathetic joy”Youtuber, a beautiful, rich, charming woman who falls on the ladder of Ploy Joan becomes a buddy with Phi Anon. It can be said that in this story, the audience will see the girl. Dearna in a way you’ve definitely never seen And the more the chemistry, the partner slaps the pearl together with the young man. DeTell me that you’re fit The girl’s love story line Dearna or sympathetic joy In the story, a dark young man“Parith Timthong”who plays the role “Khan District”Come together for the first time, will the chemistry be cute and catchy? Do you have to wait and see?“TV Scene”also increase the intensity of the story by enhancing the army of quality actors such as Prang Kannaran, Mac Veerkanit, Wu Smith, Single Surin, Mee Phisamai, Kluay Chunyim, Kob Songsit, Mam Katleya, M Apinan, Kik Mayurin, Chrissy Kritsiri etc.Just looking at the rough list of actors can confirm the quality of the drama that it must come out well.

young side “De, I’m Twitch”So I would like to reveal the feeling that I have played in this drama that “In this story, I got to play a ghost for the first time in my life as a full ghost. Because normally it may be a ghost web. Soul emotions leave the body. But this matter is dead. It’s a whole ghost That’s the main reason why I accepted this game as well. Because I thought to myself that it must be really fun. Because one is that we can do anything and no one can see us. And the second is that being a ghost breaks many limitations. in the life of the show There are many things that are challenging for us. For example, if it was a ghost, how would you design it to make it fun? It is strange and challenging to play well. As for the feeling of working with P’ Pin and P’ Fuse, it’s very happy. P’ Pin is very kind, and every time he comes to the pile, he will bring something to eat. and asked him every time how he was doing today, which was very well taken care of; and very detailed is that it helps the actors to play very well. I’m very glad to work with both of them. I would like to leave the drama. Help Me, Khun Phi, please help me. I guarantee that you will have fun and you won’t be disappointed.”

the girl part “Dearna Flipo” gave an interview that“This tells me that Deere has done a lot. and unleash the ultimate power It can’t hold anything because the character Mutita is a very powerful character. I’m glad to play this. is to see myself in new angles, doing things that I have never done a lot challenge yourself a lot especially having to play as Pee De Because in the story, Pee De had to possess Deer’s body. I saw that the first chapter was very stressful about how to play it. And Brother De is a person who is difficult to copy. Deer had to ask Brother De to help him play. is it really hard You have to play as a man. Deer also feels embarrassed about himself when playing. I mean, it’s gone out of the world in many ways. And everyone in the squad would love to have Deere play like crazy. He will be happy when he sees us play out of being ourselves. Leave the drama. Help Me It’s a drama that doesn’t just have comedy, it’s all tastes. It’s funny to just see Brother De. You must not miss it.”

young side“Parith Timthong”has revealed that“This is a very challenging story for me. The character Khet Khan is a businessman with a determination to work. And with his age, it’s quite a distance from me. So I had to sit and look at the personality of this age who is a businessman, what is his personality or work? And another challenge is that I have played two characters that at first Khet Khan will be someone who loves his girlfriend very much. a cute romantic But after the middle of the story, Khan had an accident causing his memory to deteriorate, causing Khet Khan to become another personality. It’s an easygoing personality. So it was difficult and challenging for me to play with two personalities. How do I leave a drama?Help Me This drama is my second drama. And it’s a big challenge for me. I also ask for encouragement from everyone. In this drama, all the actors and staff are working very hard. Don’t forget to follow me as well.”

Help Me Khun Phichuay, written by “Krung Yor Chat” and a television script by “Trinna” girl storysympathetic joy The girl everyone would envy Because there is a fiancée who is both handsome and rich. Khan District The couple is about to get married in a beautiful way. But life turned out to be different. When Mudita meets Anon A jealous young ghost who died prematurely. which eventually led them to become friends. Bad luck turned out to be good. Because Anon has a mission to help both people and spirits. In addition, Anon also came to be a love advisor to Mutita and Khet Khan. and protecting her as well causing chaos of people and ghosts to occur…

Let’s wait and see that this work. “De – Dierna – Parith” Will the power of laughter and the power of drama resonate with the audience or not? Must follow in the drama “Help Me, Khun Phee, help me” every Monday – Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 3, press 33 or follow the movement at CH3Thailand and the application. CH3Plus

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