Desperate Plea: Help Find Stolen Bag Containing Important Items of Rapper “Danupa Mill’s” Mother

Title: Urgent Appeal: Rapper “Danupa Mill’s” Mother’s Bag Stolen

H2: Community Encouraged to Aid in the Recovery Efforts

H3: A Local Incident Sparks Concern for Stolen Possessions

The distressing news of a stolen bag carrying valuable possessions belonging to the mother of prominent rapper “Danupa Mill” has raised an urgent call for assistance. The incident occurred when the bag accidentally slipped from the motorbike. Shockingly, instead of simply returning it, an individual boldly took off with it!

The concerned artist, well-known by his stage name “Army”, felt compelled to make a public announcement, imploring the perpetrator to return the bag immediately. The bag in question is a black leather shoulder bag with a 15-inch laptop compartment. It vanished between the Bangna and Udomsuk intersections, precisely between 7:15 PM and 7:25 PM on September 1st, 2023.

“The bag contains several crucial personal items,” Milli expressed, adding “Initially, my mother dropped the bag, and after a quick park on the side of the road to fetch it, it had disappeared upon her return.”

“To add insult to injury, the individual who took the bag intentionally ignored calls made from another phone inside, only to switch it off. We are particularly concerned about a photograph of a mouse and my beloved mother that holds immense sentimental value. We earnestly implore the person who has taken it to return the bag. It holds great importance to my mother’s professional and psychological well-being. Let us remember not to take what isn’t rightfully ours. We urge everyone to help in resolving this distressing matter. If anyone has any information or sighting, kindly reach out to Milli immediately.”

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“Mili” announced to the person who took the mother’s bag. Begging to bring it back urgently There are only important things!

There is a story to be upset that needs help. Because the mother of a young rapper likes “Danupa Mill” There was a case of dropping a bag while riding a motorbike that didn’t just fall because someone came and took the bag with them!! trouble until “Army” had to come out and announce that they would bring it back a lot

“Everyone, help. My mother lost her bag while riding a motorcycle between 7:15 PM and 7:25 PM, on September 1, 2023, between Bangna and Udomsuk intersections. It is a chip-top 15 inch black leather shoulder bag. Inside, there are many things that are important. At first my mother dropped it and it was still there. So try parking the car on the side of the road to walk and pick it up Turn around and it’s gone.”

“Mum called another phone in my bag. But the person who took it deliberately did not answer the call and switched off the phone. In that bag was a picture of a mouse and a mother. If the person taking it sees this post Bring it back. We want something back, it’s important professionally and psychologically for the mother. please Things that are not yours, do not take them. Please help!! If anyone sees him or has an idea please let Milli know.

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