Despite the threat… Ukrainian Foreign Minister: “Russian military power is not at the level of an all-out war”

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Even with the prospect of a Russian invasion rising and war looming, the Ukrainian government is confident that an all-out war is unlikely for now.

According to CNN on the 26th (local time), Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmiro Kuleva said, “The fact that a large number of Russian troops are deployed on our borders and occupied premises acts as a direct threat.” An all-out war is not going to happen right away because of the lack of important military indicators and systems.”

Russia denies the invasion of Ukraine, but has gathered more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border.

Russia is also applying three-way pressure on Ukraine by deploying troops to Belarus and Crimea under the pretext of joint exercises.

However, Kuliva said: “We hear more than 100 times a day that a Russian invasion is imminent.

The day before, referring to the fact that Russia forcibly annexed Crimea in 2014, he pointed out that “President Vladimir Putin sees all situations with the logic of force, so his view is logically flawed.”

Ukraine’s ambassador to Japan, Sergi Korsunsky, said the day before, “Ukraine will resolve tensions with Russia diplomatically.”

He added at the time, “It is very, very, very difficult to expect an all-out war, but a localized conflict can happen.”

“Militarily, we are very well prepared. Our military is very well prepared,” he said.

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Kuliva did not view the possibility of an all-out war as high, but said that this was not the only threat to Ukraine.

“Russia is putting pressure on Ukraine’s financial system and carrying out cyberattacks,” he said.

“President Putin will be delighted if he succeeds in implementing a plan that will put Ukraine in an extremely vulnerable situation without resorting to military force,” he added.

Meanwhile, as tensions in Eastern Europe are at an all-time high due to a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States delivered a written response to Russia’s demands for security guarantees in relation to the Ukraine crisis.

As a result, how Russia will judge the US’ written response is expected to be a major watershed in Ukraine’s tense situation.

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