Despite waiting for 12 hours, the police did not take a statement, the court heard the complaint at night; The son was arrested

Mannarkkad (Palakkad) ∙ A 60-year-old woman who came to the station to report that she had been attacked in her house complained that the police were not ready to give her statement even though she waited for 12 hours. After the complainant went to court in the evening, the police took the statement on the direction of the magistrate. Meanwhile, their son was arrested by the police in a case of attempted murder following a complaint of attacking those who came to the house, and was remanded by the court.

Edathanatukara Chirattakulam Alumkunn Melatra Rugmini, who lives on rent in Alumkunn, approached the court. The violence took place in the house where Rugmini, her son Shaji and Rugmini’s daughter live. Rugmini says that on Wednesday night, while she and Shaji were talking about family matters, a group of six entered the house.

He asked her why she was talking loudly and hit her with a stick and grabbed her granddaughter and pushed her. He also attacked Shaji who tried to stop him. When they continued to attack them, some of the attackers were injured after Shaji took out the matwal and threw it. Rugmini also said that Shaji threw the Madawal in self-preservation. Manoj Kumar (39) of Edathanatukara Maththodi sustained injuries on his head and his friend Suresh Babu sustained injuries on his hands. According to their statement, the court remanded Shaji, who was arrested for attempted murder.

Rugmini arrived at the local police station with a complaint at around 6am on Thursday. After the police did not file a complaint till 6 pm, they approached the Mannarkkad First District Magistrate’s Court through lawyer A. Santosh in the evening. The police were instructed to take the statement of judge Rugmini who arrived at the court chamber at 10pm. According to the police, the reason for the provocation was that Shaji, who lives on rent on the top floor, abused the people below.

English summary : Complaint that a sixty year old man had to wait for 12 hours at the police station for the police to take a statement


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