Destiny 2: Fall of Light New Weapons and Gear Trailer Revealed with Subtitles « doope!

Destiny 2 , which we shared today in detail about the major changes to the in-game economy, and with the March 1st Day of Light launch approaching, Bungie has implemented a new Day of Light We have released a gameplay trailer with subtitles highlighting the new weapons and gear that will be available in the game.

Interesting new weapons like “Final Warning” which shoots homing bullets, “Decided Chaos” which causes debuffs, “Torino Fundamashi Façade” which gives resistance to flinching and grappling, and “Availant Lap ” which strengthens barricades / Check the latest video below to see the effect of the equipment.

Shaping new weapons. Make Cloudstrider technology your own. Get as much firepower as you can as you prepare for the battle against the Shadow Legion.

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