Destroy the minions in your deck by the cost! Hearthstone New Card “Rock and Roll Blackrock”

◇ Card name: black rock rock and roll
◇ Occupation: A warrior
◇ Score: Legend
◇ Type: order
◇ Mana: 5

◇ Effect: Put all minions in your deck and attack life equal to their cost.

◇ Developer comments: War Master Voone’s die-hard fans made their presence known by selling tickets to the Colosseum during a tour of Zandalar, and his fan base has grown exponentially ever since! His latest song, Blackrock Rock ‘n’ Roll, is made for hardcore rock fans – bigger minions give you more powerful buffs!

Hearthstone Legendary Singer Invents a Unique Reveal Card is the Legendary Warrior Spell “Rock and Roll Blackrock”than see!

An elite tauren chief hosts the biggest music festival ever, and musicians from 11 professions come from all over Azeroth to represent their genres. In this expansion, Musician is a Legendary minion and Song is a Legendary Spell.

Blackrock and rock and roll don’t seem to have much to do with each other, but they made an unexpected appearance in World of Warcraft. In the pub area of ​​the ‘Blackrock Depths’ dungeon, every night at 8:00 the ‘Tauren Chiefs’ band plays upbeat rock music.

This is a small event inspired by Blizzard’s in-house band of the same name. / If you cheer, you can also receive a buff that temporarily increases all stats, [검은바위 로큰롤]appears as a card that proves this.

▲ As you approach, you can hear exciting rock music. The lovely stage effect is a bonus.

Hearthstone’s [검은바위 로큰롤]is a 5 mana legendary spell that gives all minions in your deck damage and life equal to their cost.

Since it really pleases the minions of the deck, it is a game that appeared in the Advance Lich King expansion pack. [로르테마르 테론]relatively similar to [로르테마르 테론] If the ability is greatly affected, [검은바위 로큰롤]focuses on costs, but tends to be more efficient with heavy minions in general.

▲ Similar to Theron, you can boost the stats of minions in your deck.


[검은바위 로큰롤]In terms of benefits, in the case of a high cost card, it is universal [로르테마르 테론]That’s what gives it a higher level of ability. If a minion’s power/life is less than its cost, [검은바위 로큰롤]It buffs more than this Theron, which most of the big minis tend to have.

It is especially powerful on minions with low stats for their cost in exchange for special abilities. for example [천하무적]Silver costs 8 mana, but has Rebirth, Battle Cry, and Deathrattle, making it only a 5/5. [검은바위 로큰롤]will be 13/13, giving you a buff that goes beyond 2x.

▲ After receiving a Blackrock Rock ‘n’ Roll buff, it becomes an 8 mana 13/13 minion.

It’s important to use it quickly as much as buffing the minions in the deck. At 5 mana, it’s relatively light, so you can adopt it and push it with a minion with stronger mid-to-mid stats. -late. If you use a minion with haste or a similar ability as a finisher, it can be more powerful.

[부대장 갈반가르]It’s unfortunate that it turns wild, but if it’s a control type, it’s minion and turns into a weapon when you attack. [살아있는 검 레모르니아]It looks like you could use it. If it’s a rage type, it has the pseudo-rash ability. [학살자 올그라]you can buff it. if [그롬마쉬 헬스크림]If you stick with this core set, you might be able to deal 18 damage right away.

▲ It is important to buff minions that can directly damage the opponent’s stomach.


But while it’s a spell that benefits the sooner it’s cast, there’s very little for the warrior to reduce the cost of the spell, so to be honest it’s quite possible to play it on turn 5.

Reduce the cost of the bottom 5 cards in your deck 3 and save them. [깊은 바다 속 존재]is 4 mana [검은 바다 로큰롤]It cannot hasten, and Battlecry reduces the cost of the next spell by 1. [암흑바다 서기] This is pretty much the only way.

Additionally, Warrior has a chronic problem of lack of removal, so currently there are no good ways to quickly remove buffed minions.

▲ Blackrock’s Rock and Roll is most likely to be honestly used on turn 5

And since the deck’s minions must be heavy to be effective, deck building is expected to be challenging. Even if it is a form of control [갈고리주먹-3000]or [무기 전문가]it’s hard to gain a meaningful edge even if these minions are boosted in the mid-to-late game.

Also, high efficiency organizers remain in the meta, making it difficult for decks that win with one or two powerful minions to survive. Cold death knights who disrupt the field with ice, blood death knights with excellent trimming skills, and mix-up rogues await year after year.

Additionally, the fact that you have to flip over with a card that currently has no effect at 5 mana, a timing where aggro or midrange is strong, can also be fatal. In other words, it seems to be a card that can only be worth it when the meta slows down.

▲ It’s hard to win with one or two big minions.

overall degree

The Warriors have been having a rough time walking lately. During the expansion, neither Control nor Enrage types had hot cards supported, and despite a few balance pieces, none of the adjustments changed the faceless Warrior game when multiple decks appeared in the meta .

It’s too early to judge as not many cards from the Legendary Singing Swamp expansion have been revealed yet, but the legendary minion ‘Musician’ and other cards that could be associated with the Legendary ‘Great Song’ also waiting to be revealed. With key card changes planned as well, Warriors could be looking for a turn.

Also, among the Legendary Song Contest concepts, a ‘Solo’ card that has a special effect when there are no other minions on the battlefield has been announced. Being a fighting type with a single minion value, it suits the control type well, so if a control warrior is supported with a useful single minion [검은바위 로큰롤]also likely to increase in value.

Rock music symbolizes the spirit of resistance. As a rocker, can we expect warrior rebellion to participate in the festival?


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