‘Destruction’, the reason for falling into the strange love equation of Seo In-guk and Park Bo-young

[엔터미디어=정덕현] It’s like a math equation for love. tvN Mon-Tue Drama Is a drama in which the story flows within a kind of promise or contract that the work puts out. Tak Dong-gyeong (Park Bo-young), who was judged by the time limit, said, “All the world is ruined! All of them will perish!” and suddenly, the dawn of that day, Destruction (Seo In-guk) came to his house all over the place.

It’s a fantasy, and only after acknowledging that such a setting exists, this drama allows the fun to look into the world. The destruction of a non-human, non-godly existence, suddenly signs a contract with Tak Dong-gyeong. Tak Dong-gyeong reorganizes the terms of the contract, writing down one by one in front of destruction. The contents are as follows.

1. Asking to destroy the world before he dies

2. You will not be sick for 100 days of contract

3. Give me a real wish besides asking for destruction before dying

4. If you break the contract, the person you love most will die at that moment.

A contract is always concluded when both parties have something to gain from each other. What Tak Dong-gyeong can gain with this contract is that he does not have to suffer from the brain tumor that made the time limit decision for the remaining 100 days, and his real wish is given to destruction. Instead, what Tak Dong-gyeong has to do is to ask him to destroy the world before he dies. Destruction that does not die and cannot be said to be alive wants to die. With the destruction of the world.

What acts as a variable in this equation is that Tak Dong-gyeong’s heart changes and breaks the contract of’I don’t want to destroy the world’. If that happens, instead of Tak Dong-gyeong, the person he loves most will die at that moment. When talking about the conditions of destruction, Tak Dong-gyeong comes to mind. My younger brother Tak Sun-kyung (Dawon). At that moment, the person Tak Dong-gyeong loved the most was his younger brother.

However, after writing down these terms and conditions one by one, Tak Dong-gyeong realizes. Anyway, the person he loves most will die. If you break the contract, you will die, and if you follow the contract, the world will perish and die. Either way, Tak Dong-gyeong loses a loved one. Whoever it is.

so From the very beginning presupposes a tragedy. Tak Dong-gyeong is the main character of the tragedy. It is because of the terms of the contract, such as the equation of the existence of destruction. In order to survive, he must see the death of his loved ones, otherwise he has no choice but to choose to perish. And this may be the condition of the cruel life of our finite human beings who eventually die. Someone’s death is no different from the destruction of the world, and those who haven’t died yet must always look to the death of someone they love.

Tak Dong-gyeong solves the problem by looking into the terms of the contract, such as this complex equation proposed by Annihilation. Tak Dong-gyeong learns that when the’most loved one’ is destroyed, no one will be lost and Tak Dong-kyung will be able to live. So, by trying to jump off the roof of the building, he tests his destruction. And in the end, he proclaims, knowing that the destruction that he built by holding Tak Dong-gyeong urgently has compassion and heart unlike what he said.

“Are you not eating, sleeping, crying, compassion, no love, no heart? Because I’m not human? I have it! Because I am human. So I think I’ll love you. Then I will be able to live without losing anything.” If you violate the contract and love it the most while’doing not let the world perish’, then it is only perishment that eventually dies. That is the solution to the equations that you, your younger brothers, and the world can live.

But at that moment, destruction speaks. “Then let’s do it right. I want to destroy the world for me.” Can Tak Dong-gyeong follow the solution of the equation if he truly loves destruction the most? It cannot but be a drama that contains a strange love equation. However, where does this abstract, somewhat complicated, and in some way depressing worldview, the power that is pulling our minds out?

This drama talks about’destruction’ in a desperate situation, but the processes in which Tak Dong-gyeong and perish have a relationship with each other overflows with the energy of a lively life far from depression. It is a drama about life and love that can only be more precious because it is paradoxically based on the premise of an extreme situation of destruction. I think that unique equation is the power that fascinates us.

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