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Not only the competition of flagship phones is fierce, but also the competition of thousands of yuan phones. For example, Realme 10 Pro+, its starting price is only 1699 yuan, but it uses the flagship curved screen, super large battery and other configurations, which may even be similar to As a flagship phone, many users like to compare it to Redmi Note11T Pro The prices of the two models are similar, so who is worth buying?

Realme 10 Pro+ comes standard with 8GB + 128GB, with a starting price of 1,699 yuan Redmi Note 11T Pro comes standard with 6GB + 128GB, with a starting price of 1,599 yuan. The following is a detailed comparison of the two phones, and the difference is clear at a glance.

In terms of appearance design, I personally think that Realme 10 Pro + has more advantages, because its front is a curved screen, which looks full of high-end, and it provides three colors of starlight, night, and sea . and the back cover They are all made of plastic, but the back cover has a glass-like texture. The thickness of the body is only 7.78 mm, and the weight is 172 grams, which is very thin and lightly

The front of Redmi Note11T Pro adopts a straight face screen, which looks good. With a plastic middle frame and a plastic back cover, it provides four colors: Time Blue, Midnight Black, Atomic Silver, and Milk Salt White. The thickness o the whole machine is 8.87mm and the weight is 200 It is slightly heavier than Realme 10 Pro +. From the appearance alone, Realme 10 Pro + has more advantage, more like a flagship phone.

2. Screen

The screen quality of both mobile phones is not bad. The curved screen of Realme 10 Pro+ is very stunning. The width of the chin is only 2.33mm. It is estimated that many users will not believe that it is a thousand yuan phone. In addition, it also supports 120Hz refresh rate, wide P3 Color gamut, 1 billion colors, etc., the display effect of OLED material is very bright, and it supports 2160Hz high frequency PWM dimming, which is more friendly to the eye in dark light environments.

Redmi Note11T Pro uses an LCD screen. Although the chin of the screen is relatively wide, it is not as bright as an OLED screen. It is not easy to touch the screen by mistake. It is very suitable for users who play games. The screen also has P3 wide color gamut, HDR10 certification, etc., support ultra-high 144Hz refresh rate, intelligent seven frame rate switching, smoother video watching and game play, check out Realme 10 Pro + for appearance, and Redmi Note11T Pro for experience.

3. Performance

The performance of mobile phones at this price is very average. Realme 10 Pro+ has Dimensity 1080 processor and TSMC 6nm process technology. It is far to say that its performance is powerful, but it can cope with daily use. Use and online games very smooth, and there should be no problem with smooth use for two or three years.

Redmi Note11T Pro focuses on performance experience. It has a Dimensity 8100 processor, based on TSMC’s 5nm process technology, and has LPDDR5 storage. Games, then Redmi Note11T Pro can also be eligible.

4. Take pictures

Realme 10 Pro + 108-megapixel main rear camera + wide-angle lens + macro lens, with a main camera of hundreds of millions of pixels at a price of 1,000 yuan, you can easily take clear photos. Redmi Note11T Pro has a rear 64 million-pixel main camera + super wide-angle + macro lens, none of them have OIS optical image stabilization. If it’s just for daily shooting, there won’t be much difference between the two phones, and both can complete operations such as recording life codes and scanning.

5. battery life

In terms of battery life, Realme 10 Pro + has a built-in super-large 5000mAh battery, but the body is only 7.78mm, considering the large battery and the thin and light body, supports 67W fast charging, and resume battery life is 45 minutes. Redmi Note11T Pro has a built-in super-large 5080mAh battery, which also supports 67W fast charging, so there is not much difference between battery life and fast charging specifications.

In terms of details, Realme 10 Pro + supports NFC, X-axis linear motor, stereo dual speakers, etc., while Redmi Note11T Pro also supports these functions, and has infrared remote control. The detailed configuration of both phone is very comprehensive Some flagship phones are even stronger.

in the end

The advantages of both mobile phones are obvious. If you focus on performance experience, or if you usually play more games, you can choose Redmi Note11T Pro, which has a more powerful Dimensity 8100 processor. LCD screens 144Hz eye protection, etc. , and the starting price of 1599 yuan is lower.

If you pay attention to a good appearance and take pictures, then choose Realme 10 Pro + It has a high-quality flagship curved screen. He has nothing to say about his appearance. It also has a 108-megapixel triple camera, and the shooting is very clear. The starting price is 1699 yuan. To be honest, the price/performance ratio is also very high.

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