Detained a young woman, Tom, killing and slitting the throat of “Jae Daeng”, the owner of a grocery store. Claims to defend himself because he will be stabbed first.

Detained a young woman, Tom, killing and slitting the throat of “Jae Daeng”, the owner of a grocery store. Claims to defend himself because he will be stabbed first. does not tell where the dress that was worn on the day of the accident But the knife had left the river.

(7 July 65) at 9:00 a.m. reporters were revealed by Pol Col Kiattisak Bamrungsawat, the investigative superintendent of Bueng Kan Provincial Police. Last night, Ms. Noi Na was detained, 24, a girl named Tom, a close friend of the deceased Jae Daeng. Come to investigate because he is a suspect on the night of the accident because he was 1 of 3 people who drank on the marble horse next to the house and near the window where Jay Daeng was sleeping on the sofa.

Noi Na recounted the events before the murder happened. After sitting and drinking together with 2 other friends who are all women together. I myself borrowed Jay Daeng’s motorcycle to go out on business. At that time it was about 9:30 p.m. and came back around 10 p.m., which took about an hour. Can’t find the other 2 friends eating together, so they go into Jay Daeng’s house to return the car keys. was scolded by the deceased, causing a quarrel arose The angry deceased grabbed a sharp knife to stab him, so there was a fight with knives.

After snatching the knife back, he pushed him down and lay down on the sofa. and then used a knife to cut the throat Then went upstairs in the house to search for valuables. And he came down to take off one ring of the deceased and the other one could not be removed and climbed out of the window. He then rode a bicycle and dropped the sharp knife into the Hee River, which is about 300 meters from the home of the accident.

And yesterday took the ring of the deceased and threw it next to the sofa where Jay Daeng’s body was found. It made it very suspicious and disregard of the authorities. Since the day of the accident where Jay Daeng’s body was found, everyone had already searched all the assets at the scene and nearby to see if there were any assets that were dropped at the scene, but could not find the ring. Which was found yesterday itself is a very strange thing. It is assumed that someone involved in this murder was the one who left this ring. Which is unlikely to be a suspect who was previously detained. Then the target was changed to a group of 3 people drinking before Jae Daeng’s body was found.

Today, Police Lieutenant Adisak North Pho Thong inquiry official will bring evidence that Pol. Bung Kan came to detect DNA, which has a ring and a hair, brought to PE. Part 4 to compare with the DNA of the suspect according to forensic science.

The ring was just found at the scene.

Currently, the police investigation unit 4 is examining Ms. Noi Na for more evidence. from claiming that the day of the accident was wearing a red shirt and shorts to be used as evidence in the case As for the sharp knife that was used to cut the throat, the police would use a diver to help find the knife that Miss Tom claims dropped into the creek. Which now has a lot of water flowing because it’s the rainy season, the water runs deep, making it difficult to find But what if the results of the jurisprudence came out to match this suspect? there will be no problem

The reporter added that At this time, the allegations against this young lady have not been reported in any way. because it is in the process of collecting evidence in order to ask for permission from the court to issue an arrest warrant to continue in accordance with the legal process

After the investigation Phu Thon, Bueng Kan Province and Phu Thon Region 4 have detained a young lady, Ms. Noi Na, a close friend of the deceased Che Daeng, who came to investigate because on the night of the accident, the young woman Tom and 2 other friends, a total of 3 people, were sitting next to the deceased’s house drinking and eating. Due to suspected blood-stained footprints found on the 2nd floor house and the missing ring, someone brought it back and left it in the folk next to the sofa. Jay Daeng’s body was found yesterday. therefore detained a young woman Tom, who was suspected to be investigated. Initially confessed that after returning the car keys to Jay Daeng, there was an argument. Causing Jay Daeng to be angry, so he grabbed a sharp knife about 1 cm long in order to injure himself and take the knife back. and then used to cut Jay Daeng’s neck until he died, which was self-defense

Recently, this afternoon, the officers are trying to find more evidence in order to tie up the girl Tom. and to request permission from the court to issue an arrest warrant Then the investigating officer will report the murder charge. But the lady Tom wouldn’t say where to leave the red shirt and blood-stained shorts that he wore that day. but only said that the sharp knife used in the crime had already been thrown into the river So they help each other to find and coordinate the divers to go down. but unable to work due to rain and the water is deep, the current is very strong therefore still unable to get down to the knives of the aforementioned medium

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