Detained “Jae Kang”, a brutal employer, along with his close associates, seriously attacking “Nong Fah”.

Detained, “Jae Kang”, a brutal employer, along with his close associates, attacked “Nong Fah” and seriously injured the suspect with a serious expression on his face. No relatives have asked for bail.

from the case Mr Fah A 29-year-old man was brutally attacked by his employer. until the older brother could not stand it and had to kidnap his younger brother out before seeing the shocking truth She was beaten until her face was deformed. rotten penis Once he was told to eat dog poop, bird poop, like he was going to hell.

Later, Jae Kang, Nai Fah’s employer came out to clarify that they actually used PVC pipes to hit because Mr. Fah is stubborn, likes to lie, for example, Fah didn’t give the dog rice, he lied and said he already gave. and stealing things in the house But he didn’t use a baseball bat as he said. Forcing to eat dog urine It’s not true, just threatening. When Mr Faha wipes urine and dog poo is not clean and reasons to hit the genitals It was because after a while Nai Fah began to think badly of Jae Kang. I like to look at my face and my penis is erect Jay then used a PVC pipe to hit Fa’s penis. To train and teach because they think it’s not appropriate and think badly. Part of the wound on the body from the sky does not heal. and does not care about their own cleanliness

Pol Lt. Gen. Chiraphat Phumchit, the commander of the Provincial Police Region 1, revealed in the stream that The owner of the factory and another employee were arrested on the charges of conspiracy to cause serious bodily harm. fat employee In this factory is a construction material factory. There are 3 employees. The victim is one of them. Fatty is one of the employees who work together to harm the victims. Fundamentals of interrogation Make a confession on both sides Initially, the investigating officer filed a charge of aggravated bodily injury according to Section 297 of the Criminal Code, imprisonment ranging from 6 months to 10 years, a fine of 10,000 to 200,000 baht.

Latest progress (9 Dec. 64) Around 10.00 am Inburi Police Station has detained. Miss Nainapaporn or Che Kang and Mr. Sarayuth or Ouan, a subordinate of Je Kung. Get in the car to control the accused travel to detention at Singburi Provincial Court which during the period of two days in detention at In Buri Haven’t found any relatives coming to apply for bail at all. Both of their faces looked tense. and refused to give any interviews.

The court approved the detention and not bail the accused The subject has the right to appeal next time.



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