Detection of bird flu antigen (H5 type) and temporary suspension order issued at a meat duck farm in Naju, Jeollanam-do – Press release | briefing room | news

Central Response Headquarters for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Incidents(Head of Headquarters Jeong Hwang-geun Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Below is the middle number)at a meat duck farm in Naju, Jeollanam-do(approximately 13,000bring up)bird flu is H5It was revealed that the antigen was identified.

* poultry farm(‘22.10.17.~):27cause(bell duck 4cause, a breeder 3cause, duck meat 10cause, broilers 1cause, laying hens 7cause, quail 1cause, ornamental bird 1cause)

** (under inspection) Meat Duck Farm in Naju, Jeollanam-do28a car(interim)

The meat duck farm is located in Naju, Jeollanam-do 24tea and 25It is located within the quarantine zone of the tea production farm., As a result of an inspection by the Jeonnam Animal Hygiene Testing Center after reporting to Naju City due to the increase in the deaths of livestock owners, bird flu H5type antigen detected.

* Additional testing is currently underway., Highly pathogenic or not 13Estimated days

Heavy water is bird flu H5As soon as the antigen is identified, first responders are dispatched to the scene. input to control access to the farm, kill, Preventive quarantine as epidemiological investigationaction was taken. In addition, Jennam and Gwangju duck farms and related facilities(feeding factory·slaughter house, etc.livestock vehicle, related(JD Farm) Poultry farms and related facilities(foodfactory·slaughter house, etc.About livestock vehicles 12month 1Work(neck) 21since 12month 2Work(gold) 21per hour 24Pause for a time(Move still) is said to issue an order.

* Dissemination to related organizations such as local governments and producer organisations, and poultry-related farms·Livestock facility·Guidance measures such as sending text messages to drivers of livestock vehicles

During the suspension, central and local government inspection teams were formed to·facility·of a vehicle Check the execution of the command.

* In case of breach of the suspension order without a document approving movement and disinfection measures Livestock Infectious Disease Prevention ActMy57according to an article 1imprisonment for not more than one year or 1A fine of no more than 10 million was earned disposal

In addition, the middle water National intensive disinfection periodDongan quarantine threatened farm*second Quarantine Headquarters and Local Government Site Inspection Team(392cabana)to move farms and barns vehicle at the entrance·Maintaining special barriers on the disinfection of people, etc..

* a duck, Vulnerable livestock such as laying hens and new licences, change farmer, Livestock Conversion Farm, etc.

During this conflict, Undisinfected farms and access vehicles·People will be severely punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations..

* Prevention of Livestock Infectious DiseasesMy57according to an article 1imprisonment for not more than one year; or 1A fine of no more than 10 million was earned, the same law60pharmacy1according to clause 1Disposition of a fine for negligence not exceeding 10 million won

In addition, there are all poultry farms throughout the country cold wave warninggo fermentas it comes people on the farmclass vehicleoh come and gosecond top managementdo, food·bedding etc. reservesecond materialsa, DisinfectantYes heated setting, indoor storage, Remove disinfectant water after use through the back Take care to avoid freezing or freezingcast thoroughly ask for it pleasehe did.

Infectious livestock disease notification helpline 1588-9060/4060

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